Tuesday 28 January 2020

The fight, the lambs, the PC........

We have lambs! All in a day they arrived. One minute no little ones, then the next a bunch of them, all tucked up in the sheep barn as if the mum's had used it as a nursery while they went off to graze in the field behind the barn.It is of our opinion that the ram must have had a very busy day a few months before when the ewes had come into season to have so many lambs arrive at once.

Or else it was the weather........ we have had a patch of sunny days when it would have been better to have had little ones, but no, the weather has turned cold and wet and it is now they arrive. Every year this happens. Good weather passes, then as soon as the weather deteriorates we have youngsters.

We counted five or six. Now the air will be full of mums talking to young and young talking to mums, with us going out frequently to see what's up. It is magical.


The computer is all sorted out, and is finished with Windows 7, and all other Windows editions, forever and after. It is a relief. The Linux Manjaro operating system is easy to use, simple to look at on screen, and has saved us the £1500 it would have taken to have replaced my PC because it would not have been able to handle the stress that Windows 10 would have given it. 

Onwards then.....I still have to research Manjaro compatable software for photo and video editing, and the non fiction books I have written and self edited will have to be re-edited. Not to worry, I probably need to update the books anyway. 

I like the Linux Manjaro operating system, it is open source so therefore free, and will never have Windows tinkering with it, with its annoying upgrades which it seemed always to be doing, and which was requiring more hardware to be bought if I was to go on to Windows 10. The software for Linux is also open source, and free. 


I had a fight the other day. It was with the new cockerel. There I was, with a large pot of goodies for the chickens in one hand, a large ladle in the other to spoon the goodies out of the pot with, slipping and sliding on the mud to get to the undercover feeding station, all of which was requiring balance and co-ordination if I was not going to go head over heels and land up flat on my back, when I noticed cockerel boy hanging close at my side, very close he was, and his feathers were all uplifted, and I felt a frision of alarm that he might not be feeling very friendly towards me, and so I scattered some food around me, thinking that he might be diverted by it, but no, all he did was do a little hippitty hop skip and aim his beak in my direction, which I fortunately saw coming, so I did a swipe with the ladle to distract him from pecking at my legs, but the pot being quite heavy, and my balance being ruined, and the mud being very slippy, and the cockerel deciding to now go to war with me, well............

.....what could I do, but toss the pot at him, not intentionally, but in an effort to stop myself from falling over, but oh dear, now he was really into warfare mode. Big hops and jumps he was now doing......I was a distance from the exit gate.......what could a girl do, but meet him head on! Oh but the pot was now lying upended on the ground, as was my ladle, so all I had was my blue lacy scarf, which was not a weapon as such, but was all that I had, so in what I thought was a true girl-ninja fashion, I did some flicks and swirls at that cockerel, which kept him away from my person, while I edged my way slowly backwards towards the gate. 

I don't know who won. Probably the cockerel, but it was his patch, and I was wearing red socks, and a cardigan which had red splashes in it, so perhaps he thought I was a very big cockerel boy. But...... I did find myself getting into fighting mode as well. It was just as well that all I had was a scarf as a weapon!

So a bit of a long blog, but it was a catch up one. No 8am dawn photos to upload to Blogger, because I don't have a photo editor for Linux at the moment, which is my next step in the Converting my PC to Linux Project. No lamb photos either.

Bye for now,



local alien said...

Lovely to think of those lambs and ewes. Lucky you've got the barn to keep them safe and sound.
Your barnyard tales are delightful. Glad you got out of the cocks way using your trusty blue scarf. Gave me another smile.
I would have been screaming and kicking till I got to the gate!!

Rhodesia said...

LOL Vera, how I wish I had been there with a video camera it sounds hilarious you being part of the cockerel's harem. I am sure you were not amused at the time though never the less. Hope you soon find your way around the computer. Cheers Diane

Mama Pea said...

I remember when we had our herd of dairy goats, the mamas invariably would choose the worst weather possible in which to kid. Why is that?

Sounds as though you did a good job, Ninja Girl, of getting away from Mr. Rooster without sustaining bodily harm. Oh, if only someone had had a video camera trained on you and your aggressor to capture the escape!

Vera said...

LOCAL ALIEN, the barn is hardly more that a very large shed, but it works well in its role of keeping the sheep dry in bad weather. This is the first year that the ewes have used it as a nursery though. with always one ewe left as nursemaid for those youngsters! As for the cockerel, I must admit to hollering at him as well as flicking my scarf!

RHODESIA, I do think it would have made for quite a funny video as well! As for the computer, I shall persevere because I need to use certain software for my work!

MAMA PEA, I don't know why our sheep, and your goats, choose horrid weather to have their young! Today, in pouring rain, most of the ewes had their lambs out in the field with them!
I have not gone into the chicken patch since that stand off between me and the cockerel, but at some point I shall, just to let him know that he is not the ruler of this farm!

Denise said...

That cockerel is pushing his luck, isn’t he?? Glad to hear the lambs have arrived safely!

Vera said...

DENISE, me and the cockerel boy are enemies now! Lambs still arriving!