Monday 22 August 2022

August Update!

Nearly five months since I last posted a blog, and thank you to fellow bloggers who have asked if I am still alright..... and I am, despite my thoughts earlier on in the year that I was going to end up in a wheelchair. I have made a good recovery from the operation, although my legs have an occasional tendency to get wobbly, and I still carry a walking pole when I am out and about, unless my OH is with me and holding my hand in his firm grasp. But of late I am now walking on my own, and have a better stride than I have had in the past. It is no longer a 'shuffle' of a walk, but I can't say that I am at 'full stride' yet! 

To keep my brain active and stop it from atrophying, it came to me to resuscitate a non-fiction book which had lain dormant in my computer files since 2008. It was complete at the time I wrote it, but I was getting a niggle that it needed updating, and that is what I have been doing for the last few months. It is done now and I have just finished designing the cover. It is a 280 page paperback, is autobiographical, and describes how I became a parapsychologist, which is someone who is in sync with all that is outside of the 'normal' human perception of life, and also how I learnt life lessons in abundance enabling me to finally meet my 'soul' partner, which is my OH. I have still the synopsis to do, and then on to the ebook edition, which only needs re-formatting. 

And thank goodness for the operation and the 'getting better' time because it has freed me up for getting the writing project under way. To be a writer you can't have a mind which is cluttered up with other projects, and this is something I am now learning, so I have come to bless this time and not fight against it. I have not got the life I had before the op, but I am now making the transition to a different way of life, which is not to be scowled upon by making comparisons with the old way, which I was tending to do in my lowest moments.    

Off for a walk round our park, so bye for now, 

In love and light,