Monday 30 November 2020


So this morning I was feeling as if my mind was in some sort of fuggy fog, which is not a desirable state to be in because it can lead to the day descending into a downward slide.  

To try and coax my mind to be positive and actively engaged into it 'being a good day to be alive' I pulled a divination card out of my set of tarot cards. 

And 'A Miracle' came up. Oh, I thought, perhaps the house in France is going to sell, perhaps the buyers already interested in purchasing it are going to go through with the sale, perhaps the house we saw at the weekend could then become our new home,......and so on through all the list of things I would like to happen via 'A Miracle'. 

It was early in the day, about 6am. I had time to meditate and send out healing prayers to everyone in my Healing Book, and it came to me that perhaps I had not been wise in assuming that 'A Miracle' deserved to be thought of in such a way, that I didn't need any more miracles happening in my life, because my life was full of miracles....
- I am alive, which is a miracle.
- I have a good partner, and feel it is a miracle that we have come through so much together.
- We are living in a lovely cottage, in a lovely village in Shropshire, which is a lovely county of England, and were greeted upon arrival from France by a landlord  who welcomed us with much warmth. That we even got out of France was a miracle, as was the welcome we received here at the cottage. 
There were a lot of other miracles that occurred to me as I went through the morning, not of what I wanted as future miracles, but what miracles I had in my life right now. Not to be selfish with wanting the acquisition of more miracles to come along, that other people are perhaps more deserving of miracles in their own lives and if there was a certain amount of miracles to be had, then perhaps it would be best going to them. That was my thinking as I flitted through the hours of the day. 

Had a look at my emails, and surprise surprise! There was an email from France saying that the potential buyers of the farm were proceeding with the sale, and could we please send the current Taxe Fonciere (land tax) form to their Notaire (solicitor). Perhaps there was a spare Miracle coming our way, after all, I thought. 

However, although it had the hopes of being a potential miracle, I am having to unravel the nuts and bolts of it. But even as I write this, all of the miracles which have occurred in my life have always held the potential for disaster when they first arrive, and it is only by working through the miracle that I realise that it was indeed a miracle even if I did not at first know that it was one. 

So no great flash, bang, and wallop for me when a miracle arrives. It is just 'Here you go, another challenge for you, and you earn the 'miracle' when you have seen it through'. 

The nuts and bolts of today's miracle are...... yes, the sale is going through, but the barrier between the UK and France is widening now that Brexit is nearly done, which means that our French bank will not allow us access to it because we are now living in the UK, so we either have to go back to France to live, or write the farm off. And then if we do go to France again, our UK Bank will not allow us access to it either, and our incomes will diminish into zero. 

Ok, so not to worry. I keep thinking of the 'Miracles' card, which is reminding me of everything which had turned out alright in the end, thus rendering me awash with miracles which have only occurred to me in hindsight.  

Perhaps you, too, might have some miracles in your life, which are hidden to you at this time and just need seeing the light of day.........

Blessings to you, 
Bye for now,


Sunday 15 November 2020

Pond update, and the bowl......

The Pond..... and it is good news, although not so good as to have the origination of the pond dispensed with, so we still do not have central heating. However, a plumber has been to 'access the situation', with the good news that the emersion water heater is alright to use, so hot water can now be had. And the pond? It is now spreading out into a very damp patch, which unfortunately is oozing itself into the vicinity of the stairs. I did put a towel on top of a plastic sheet in front of the bathroom door when the pond was in its earlier stages of sogginess, but towels on top of plastic sheets at the top of the stairs would not be advisable, I thought.   And a drip plopped down on my head when I was in the kitchen this evening. 

But, hot water! Such a blessing! I now have no excuse to leave the washing up..... and because the bathroom is like an ice box without central heating, I have taken to having a quick wash in the mornings at the kitchen sink. To be doing this with a stack of washing up piled high is difficult. It is a cottage kitchen, so is tiny, as is the sink area. Me and the dishes have no room for each other, so one has to be done before the other can  be attended to. The washing up bowl has to oblige both. I used to have several bowls back in France, but they were not brought back to the UK. I need a bowl all to myself. 

A Saturday morning trip into the outskirts of Shrewsbury, and we found B & Q, a DIY shop which Lester had been pointed to by a neighbour last weekend as having a stack of electric fires for sale, the same neighbour who had been concerned about our lack of heating, and who had brought round his Mother's electric fire for our use. Sadly it fused the electric circuit board though. I did mention to the neighbour, a man of age but with the spirit of a ten year old, if the fire had been intact when his Mother used it last, she now having moved in with the angels above. However, since he is a grand DIY person and has sheds in the back garden which house all manner of interesting paraphanalia, including a brand new big boys motor bike...... to be admired, and dreamed about, but never ridden, .........I did think that perhaps he had used the top of the fire as a perch to sit something heavy on, which would account for its buckled state and the reason why it fused our electrics, bless him. 

Anyway, the B & Q store was found, and Lester bought a couple of fires last weekend.  So I had it in my mind that the store might also have a bowl. It didn't. But we had a walk round the huge cavern of a warehouse shop, and it came into our minds that we have no need of anything to do with home decorating and DIY products, that since we are in a rented cottage we are now free of having to ' do a house up' , which is a relief after the thirteen years we spent renovating our French home. I think that The Universe decided that we needed a holiday from house renovations! 

So I am still sharing the bowl with the washing up. Not to worry. The plumber may / or may not be here tomorrow to start fixing the leak, but it does not matter because he will be here sometime in the future, preferably before the end of 2020. Keep hope alive. That is what you have to do. 

Bye for now, 


Wednesday 11 November 2020

An inside pond, and update......

 So............. we have a pond.....but not an 'outside' pond, which is where you would normally expect to find one, but an 'inside' pond. Fortunately it is not a deep pond, but a 'splashy' pond, which is just as well because it has centred itself right in the middle of the bathroom doorway. 

OK, so this is perhaps an exaggeration on my part, but to go in and out of the bathroom does require the feet coming into contact with very wet and soggy carpet. 

And the origination of this patch is? The now defunct central heating which saw fit to blow a gasket a week ago mid way through the coldest patch of weather we have had so far in the UK, the evidence of this disaster being the splashing of water coming down from the ceiling of the kitchen as noticed by my partner, who was in the middle of a phone call to the National Health Service Help Line who was busy informing him that I ought to be taken to hospital because it sounded like I had border line pneumonia, after having had some horrendous coughing fits through the night. 

Oh well. The good news is that I refused to go into hospital, that I have recovered from that 'border line' position by going onto YouTube and looking at videos about exercises to clear congestion on the lungs, and am drinking loads of water to clear my system out. One week on, and I am up on my feet. AND..... I managed to walk 400 paces up and down the village lane outside the cottage, for two days in a row, at dusk, which was magical. Keep moving, that is what I need to do.  

Fortunately the weather is very mild at the moment, so the lack of any heating in the house is copeable with. This is our first winter here in the UK after having lived thirteen years in SW France, which is a lot warmer. Not to worry, we can cope. A neighbour was kind enough to donate a fire so we could keep warm, and a visit to B & Q on Sunday sourced a couple more. We won't have heating over all of the house, but we can have heating in small patches of it. 

Meanwhile, .... the landlord of the cottage has organised a plumber to come and assess the damage. It is an elderly cottage so things will go wrong with it, the same as it does for us. We could have done with not having floor boards and ceilings dug up, but, well, it is as it is. We did think of moving out, and we still might have to if the work is too extensive, but we are just getting settled in, and we are very appreciative of the good things about living here. The only down side is that the repair is likely to be done in the colder weather, possibly near to Christmas, if not after it. Oh well, as I say, not to worry. 

So, all is well. Everything seems quite heavy around us but it well pass. The farm in France has had people interested in buying it, so hopefully it will sell eventually. The cottage has now got a leaky insides, but hopefully that will get fixed eventually. I have got dodgy insides, but hopefully self healing, meditation, and generally keeping upbeat about things will fix me up. Keep praying to The Universe, and asking for help that all will be well, both for us, for our nations, and for peace in this world of ours,  that is what I do. Sometimes I slip and falter and fall into despair, but what good is that........ keep going, that is what I need to do. 

So sending blessings to you, and wishing you well.....