Friday 7 February 2020

Change comes knocking!

Ticking along, that is what we were doing....

And then come the day when Change came knocking, so for a while we shall be in a transitional stage while Change re-positions us. Then Change will evaporate away and we shall then start ticking along again. 

I shall probably not have time to blog much during the coming months because Change will consume all of my time and energy, so to say that I am still here, and shall tell you all about what has happened when it has happened!

Bye for now,

In love and light

Vera x

Saturday 1 February 2020

And so,,,,,,,

And so you are going along on what you think is the pathway which will carry you onwards for many a year ahead. You think that all is well with your life, even though you are conscious that things are bugging you in the background of your mind, but you resolutely ignore them, thinking that they are not worth paying attention to, even though you feel those thoughts bickering away for most of your waking hours.

But you try meditation, which works for a while, and then you try knitting and crochet, both of which do the same. But still those background thoughts niggle away at you.

And then come one day everything changes. Within a matter of moments they change, and your life is turned around. You find yourself on a pathway which is not the same as you were on a matter of moments ago. You feel bewildered, even angry, at the particular circumstance which has ignited this change of direction, and at those niggling thoughts which have now all very much come to the fore, to be looked at one by one, and no longer ignored.

In a nutshell, all has changed.

That is all for the moment.

All is well, and I just have to believe that it will indeed be so during the coming months.

Going forward, then, on to a different pathway........

Bye for now,