Thursday 30 December 2021

And the good news is............

.... a letter arrived a few days ago..... "I had the opportunity to review your recent CT scan......I am pleased to say that everything remains stable, and I have requested a further scan in one year's time. " It was sent from the surgeon who had operated on my heart in April.  It was a very 'good news' day, and contributed to a good end to 2021, after what has been a year full of life lessons needing to be learnt. I have had a urge to buy a SmartPanda diary, though. It is a working diary. Methinks that 2022 will hold another set of  'things to do', but that is my life and it is as it is, and since I asked to come into this life to learn a certain set of life lessons, then I shall carry on living, and enjoying, each day.

Gracechurch, the group who I mentioned in the last blog ( which was at least six weeks ago, and I am sorry for that, but writing had evaded me for a while ), has proved a success, with friends being gathered and providing a good end to the year by giving a performance at Ellesmere Market Hall. 

And me..... not in costume, although I had been given a round hat to wear so my head would look authentic but my hair and the rest of me would not. 

But it was fearsomely cold in the hall, so I was glad not to be wearing a silk dress, and instead was clad in sensible thermals, and a woollen jumper and shawl. It was a fun morning, and the new keyboard played well on its harpsichord setting. When next we are out in public I shall be in a silk dress, and the keyboard is going to be dressed  up as well to represent a clavichord. 
It was such a treat not to be doing something sensible.......

Meanwhile, we have joined 'A Stand in the Park', which meets every Sunday morning. 
( ) It is not a protest as such, just a coming together of like minded people who are concerned about the future....lockdowns, harmful new laws, the ‘pandemic’ the people behind ‘The Great Reset’, etc. etc
 There are over one thousand parks in twenty countries.
 We meet in the bandstand of the park in Oswestry, 10-12 am. 
We chat, share news, share friendships, and groups in other areas of the world will be doing the same. 
No need to join or have a membership, just turn up. 

So....... hoping that 2022 is a good year for you, and that you will keep sailing along no matter where the winds of change take you,
In love and light
Vera x