Monday 7 March 2022

Would we do it again?

This is a photo of our farm in France, curtesy of the farm's new owners who bought it in January 2020. Many were the hours we spent working on the land, all thirteen acres of it,  and we were able to become self sufficient for a while. It was a challenge, which even to this day surprises us with the effort it took, but it does make for some excellent memories. But.......would we want to do the same process all over again.....? And the answer is 'no'! 

And here is our 'acreage' here, in Oswestry, England. 
As you can see.....there is hardly any comparison between those thirteen acres in France....

However, there is still a need within me to grow things, but instead of planting long rows of crops enough to store for the winter, it will be a rows of minimal length enough for a  week or two during the summer, grown in pots and small raised beds.  No more self sufficiency for us, but it is a happy memory of a time when we were. It is good to look back on things you have done, and which gave you pleasure, but sometimes you have to exchange the time spent on that task for something else which needs your  greater attention. For me, this is my psychic and spiritual pathway, and the teaching of others who want to follow on the same pathway in life. I am aware that I have a lot to give, and that it will be a demanding pathway, but only if I let it be. 

  Meanwhile, my health is getting better. The operation knocked the wind out of my sails, but I managed one and half miles yesterday on wet and muddy ground, which had my legs complaining that they did not like the effort it took to pluck my feet from out of the underfoot soggyness. 

Onwards we go,
In love and light,