Monday, 20 January 2020

Still 'offy'

Five days since I have posted, but I was still feeling 'offy' so without any words to write.

I can't believe how time flies, although the weekend seemed long and I felt I got value from those two days because I made a list of creative things I wanted to do which seemed to give the effect of lengthening the days. It would seem that to not enjoy what I am doing seems to make the minutes of the day seem long, but the day itself seem short.

To get value out of each day it would seem that we need to find pleasure in whatevcr it is we are doing during the moments we are doing it. Be mindful is what I mean, and staying focussed on the present moment and not let my mind go galloping about all over the place. This, I think, will be a lifetime challenge for me!

8am Monday 20th January 2020

My computer is hoping to be sorted out this week. It is starting to get headaches, and tells me that is so because it keeps dawdling about doing its job. I don't know whether this is because Windows 7 is no longer being twiddled about with because Windows are no longer supporting that particular  operating system, or whether it is just fed up. Anyways, my tech husband is going to be doing things to my PC. I shall then be going into novice mode with Manjaro, and the other distros associated with it.  What is a 'distros'? Actually I don't know. It's short for 'distribution'. and is techno language, so I thought I would casually insert it......... ! 

Here is yesterday's dawn photo, taken as usual at 8am. 

It was a dark sky, which I thought was not worth taking a photo of. The previous days had been the same, but darker and with no light showing through. The moon was still up though, and can be seen just above the top of the tree on the right. The heavens are all in motion. 

Bye for now,



Rhodesia said...

Learning a whole new computer system I am sure is not going to be simple. Lovely photos.

I am far behind I have been feeling horrible the last few days with a bug. Feeling a bit better today but I am coughing badly again!!

Enjoy your week Diane

Denise said...

I hope it isn’t too long before your ‘offy’ becomes an ‘uppy’, Vera. xx

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Vera, sometimes the best ideas come from a period of rest. I do like the pictures.

Vera said...

RHODESIA, I hope you feel better soon, and that your cough is just a temporary one.

DENISE, I wasn't 'offy' like I was last week, just wanting to do other things than what I needed to!

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL, I find that I often get refreshed with new ideas by doing a completely different activity, which, to me, is 'resting'!

DUTA said...

Mindfulness - everyone seems to talk about it, few really do it. To me mindfulness means awareness. I wish to be fully aware of myself at any point in time.

Vera said...

DUTA, I agree with you, I also think that to understand mindfulness you do have to be aware of yourself at a deeper level 'at any point in time', which takes a lot of practice!