Wednesday, 15 January 2020

I am having a day off / off day

I am having an 'off' day. whereby I feel disinclined  to do anything  which resembles work, ie sitting for hours on my computer for all the day long getting files downloaded so we can get Windows off my PC. Now this is an important task because it is going to affect my future writing work, but for today......stuff it!.

But it is not to sit idle and bored, for that will only make me feel guilty about PC work, it is to give my mind something else to do, for that which is my head is all jangled up like a tangled skein of wool, so to subject myself to another day of PC work is only going to make that tangle worse. Writing does not tangle me up. Downloading and zipping up files does. Learning new things for the computer does as well. How do I know that I am getting tangled up? Because I get irritated, and my head hurts, which does not bode well for a happy and joyful atmosphere between myself and my partner. He will sense my mood, and it will make him have a reciprocal mood back.

So this 'off' day I am turning into a 'day off'. With great pleasure I am going to sort out my craft area, and to all of you who are also crafting folk, you will know what a good pastime that is to be involved with. First, there will be the 'Tidy Up' process. Unfortunately this means that the present chaos will get more chaotic as boxes will be sorted through and their contents rearranged, but gradually order will prevail, but it will be Vera's type of order, which is a happy, jumbly, type of order!

No 8am photo today. I was still in bed, and on strike. But I did manage an 08.20 photo! Beautiful!

I am off to enjoy sorting through my fabric and wool stash!


But before I go, this is a question from 'Your Daily Questions' blog I posted on the 13th Jan. 

"What are you most grateful for in your life right now"

I spent a few moments pondering deeply this question, and this came surprisingly to mind: that I haven't fallen into the atrophy of old age, and that because of my mind set I hope I never will, that I am grateful for being who I am, even though I do understand that I have a complex nature.

Crikey, putting that question to myself most certainly brought out a surprising response to myself. 

So how would you answer that question to yourself?

Bye for now,



Denise said...

Hurrah for a day off doing an arty crafty tidy up! This always sets me back on track, and I am sure it will for you, too.

Mama Pea said...

I am most grateful for the fact that at this time of my life, I have less responsibilities and am able to spend more time doing exactly what I want to do than at any time before.

northsider said...

I am most grateful for my family and having my own home and garden..

Vera said...

DENISE, my head is feeling tidier as is my workroom area! God bless being Crafting Gals!

MAMA PEA, Oh this is a good 'gratefulness' comment. Unfortunately, while I can be grateful for the opportunity I have in front of me, I am also sidelined by the amount of time it is taking me to get going! But I love how you are often disappearing into your quilt room now!

NORTHSIDER DAVE, you are truly blessed, and you know it as well, bless you.

DUTA said...

A day off - is good for a lot of reasons.
Like you I'm grateful to God that I still have my mental faculties. Physical abilities decline with age, but I'm not complaining.

rusty duck said...

Ooh, I do love a good sort out! Hope you enjoyed.
I am grateful it will (might) stop raining tomorrow.

Vera said...

DUTA, well said, and I hope you stay well in body and mind, but you have an interesting life so I think that is achievable for you.

RUSTY DUCK, it is the best thing to be tidier than I was! Hope it has stopped raining for you, it must get damp in your woodland setting, it gets damp here because we are right by a river, but I would not change where we are for the world, and I am sure neither would you!