Thursday, 9 December 2010

The wobbly lamb

One of our lambs is not doing so good at the moment. Came off his feet on Sunday and has stayed off his feet ever since. I think he gave up after spending an hour or so in a ditch Sunday afternoon and we didn't notice, being too busy elsewhere. He isn't injured, but has a runny tum. Have put him back on his bottle of milk, and prop him up despite his tendency to flop over, and pack him around with hay to nibble on. I do physiotherapy on his legs to remind him that he does have four legs, and keep changing his position so he doesn't get bed sores. If he wants to give up, he can. But not on my watch!

Up on the Tall Barn roof, all is well. Up and down the ladder Jean Pierre and helpmate Tony go, carrying the roof tiles on their shoulders. Crikey but that ladder has a million rungs on it! Those men must have strong thighs. Might be a good idea if I did a bit of ladder climbing. Haven't climbed a staircase in ages, and I think my legs will have a hell of a moan when they are next confronted with anything going upwards which has more than one step to it!

It has been summer here the last couple of days, and this morning it was as if spring had arrived. But then the weather decided it would stop messing about, and it has turned chillier the last couple of hours. The last couple of days, though, coming into the house has been like walking into a freezer, with the outside temperatures high enough to require a removal of the top several layers of clothing.

Ahho....chickeny sounds in the hallway. Better go shoo them out. Just a minute.....(a little while later) No, they weren't in the hallway. They were having a recce in the kitchen! And that is where I ought to be heading, with an empty space in my head where 'cooking thoughts' should be. So homemade pizza it is today!

And the lovely weather has given us some respite from the coldness of winter, and I am hoping that this might inspire the chickens to donate more than one egg a day, which is all the effort they are making at the moment. Fifteen chickens, one egg between the lot of them. Not good.

It's no use, can't spend any more time chatting to you. Just remembered I am supposed to be having a rehearsel this afternoon with the French flute playing lady, so had better get a move on.

Bye for now.


Diane said...

Good to hear from you and know that all is well other than the poor little lamb, I hope he makes it. Did not know you were learning the flute, what are your plans once you are in full control of the thing?

I am sure that you are warmer than we are, I have never felt so cold!!! Diane

DUTA said...

A sick lamb, and one egg a day - not good.
Hope the lamb gets better soon , and the chickens quit their laziness to give you some more eggs.

In the meantime, enjoy your flute lessons and climb the ladder sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,
Good luck with the lamb, if anyone can pull it through, it is our Vera.
Your roofers must be first cousins of the 'leggers' who pulled the barges through the tunnels of northern England. Don't tell me that you never sang "I've fallen in love with a legger" when you were a girl!!
The weather here in Wirral is horrid, and I've now added purple leg warmers to the Russian peasant LOOK, I might even wear them to bed tonight!!
Keep safe and keep warm.

Vera said...

Hi Diane: Hope the cold weather abates soon. You are up north, aren't you, so must be really suffering. At least when it gets cold here, we normally have a sunny day to raise the temperatures up, which compensates for the coldness at night. I am not learning to play the flute, but am accompanying on the piano someone who does. I don't have the puff for playing the flute!

Hi Duta: I am 'climbing the ladder' already, but not physically. In terms of perseverance, though, we are! Chickens clucking this morning but remain clueless as to where the egg is!

Ondine: Oh you are up north as well. Crikey, I do feel for you, and Di. As I said to her, at least we get some warmish sunshine during the day here when the temperatures hit below zero. Warm enough to sit outside in the afternoon, which soothes the bones!
I've never heard of 'leggers'. Will have a browse on the Internet to find out more.
'Purple leg warmers'? Very nice colour to wear to keep one's spirits up. And I have been known to go to bed in the caravan almost completely clothed, but that was during the coldest bouts of weather for the last two winters. This winter we are really enjoying the benefits of our new blectric blanket. Roasty toasty all night long we are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vera,
I really envy you those sunny days, as all is grey and bleak here. Do you think that colour affects mood? I sometimes think that it does.
Would laying mash encourage your hens at all? Maybe you know a local to give you some advice?
O xx

Ken Devine said...

Pizza? When are you going to have ham or lamb chops with your solitary egg?
I'm really looking forward to seeing the roof finished Vera. Have a good weekend. Have a great weekend. Have a warm weekend.

Vera said...

Ondine, I do think colour affects mood. If I wear something bright when in a bit of a down mood then it always lifts my spirits.
As for the hens: everyone'e hens have stopped laying, so it must be the time of the year!

Ken: Yes, but one has to go delve in a freezingly cold chest freezer to find the chops! Then defrost them. Pizza's quicker, and I don't get frozen hands! Ham? Not yet. Both Tams still alive, although Max, the male, has come close to being put in the freezer as well! Seems to be going through quite a truculent time. Sending the 'weekend' wishes back to you Ken.