Sunday, 19 December 2010

And then were three!

Ahha! First efforts at doing a vid! Cuts off a bit quick at the end, and the vid is a bit blurry, but at least I had a go! Also might take a while to upload. Hubs /Head IT Man, says I have to 'compress the file'. Clueless as to how I should to that, so left it up to Google to sort out. Any helpful hints in regards to uploading vids would be much appreciated. Also any help with the picture quality would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You could also try:

But most importantly: Lookee here: (You will need to make the photo larger though)

So: House in the background. Tall Barn to the right, roof almost finished.
In front: The sheep. In centre of photo the two new born lambs, doing a frolic. Swing your eyes right towards the two sheep far right. What do you see? sheep plus (yes, - go one.....) another lamb? CORREct!!!! Trois enfants!

Into the Sheep Barn yesterday went Hubs / Head Honcho SheepMan. Saw one lamb. Looked for the other one. Good. Survived their first night outside in Sheep Barn and not inside the Half Barn. Mum OK. Hubs sinking into his early morning fugginess. Jolted out of his fug  he became though, when he saw a third lamb. Thought his eyes were playing tricks on him he did!

So where had this new one arrived from? Well, from a ewe we thought not to be in expectant mode, having remained very trim and looking so different to all the other sheep who are, quite frankly, getting to be a bunch of tubbies. Anyway, she surprisingly gave unto us another infant. So that makes three! Crikey!

Can't stay too long writing this, only we have had an urgent phone call from Catherine down in the Pyrenees. Prior arrangements in regards to Ella. Needs help with making the future generation. Time is now.

So off in the car I go to help out, taking Bools with me. Reluctantly he will sit in the back seat, looking forlorn and miserable. Four hours later (with a bit of luck and no snow blockages) he will suddenly become bright eyed and full of 'I can do this job you have given me to do'. So wish Bools good luck, as he journeys forth with me as his chauffeuresse, down to Ariege to go courting Ella, a lovely Springer Spaniel just like he is.


Diane said...

You are having lots of excitement before Christmas - it is all happening!! Stay warm and Happy Christmas. Diane

Vera said...

Thanks Diane.

DUTA said...

Congrats on your first video and additional born lamb!
The video is quite good; it's blurry only in the full screen (probably because the pictures taken are in low resolution).
Looking forward to more videos and more news about your smallholding.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Vera,
I really loved the sheep bleating. How exciting to have an unexpected lamb.
Hope Bools excelled himself. I am not too keen on dogs, but I like the way Bools always seems to be in the thick of things, like getting into the video shots, he seems quite a character.
Best wishes from freezing Wirral,
Ondine xx

Diane said...

We have been snowed in since Saturday. Nigel in bed with bronchitis. Discovered all my potatoes and pumpkins stored in the garage frozen solid :( Great fun this weather!!!! Fed up. Diane

Vera said...

Oh Diane! SSSssooooo sorry you are fed up. Hope Nigel gets on his feet soon, and hope that some of your much worked for harvest is recoverable after suffering from being frozen.

Hello Duta: Will have a look at 'high and low' resolution to see if I can improve the quality of the vid, and thanks for making that suggestion. I did enjoy making the vid, and found it quicker than writing the blog! Blogs take ages to write, don't they!

Ondine: Bools really is always involved with whatever I am doing! He is like a shadow to me, and a pest sometimes as well! But a very good friend, and one who will be missed when he is no longer with us. Hope you get some sunny weather to lift your spirits. Diane is up north too, although not sure where, and the cold is getting her down as well. So sending you both blessings......

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,
Thank you for the blessings; it was minus 17 here on Monday night! There are reports of an earthquake last night in Cumbria, but I think that it may just have been Diane dropping a frozen pumpkin.
O xx