Friday 3 December 2010

So what I am doing is...

So what I am doing is trying to get back in the saddle with my writing. I have a huge list of book titles to work through, all coming into my head at odd times over the past few years. All I now need is the words to fill in those books. Where they are I do not know. Waiting to be found, I hope. I keep trying to search the closets in my head, but nope! It's like searching through a dusty attic for an elusive article that refuses to be found. So I thought I would write to you instead!

How are you? Most people seem to be experiencing snow. The UK and France up north. South of us as well, according to our roofer who is still working, despite freezing temperatures, putting on the Tall Barn's hat. But us? Nope! Feel quite left out. Anyway, if you have snow, throw a snow ball for us, and keep warm. This you are likely to be doing more efficiently than we are.

Because: 1) We have a small wood burning stove which was destined for the ex Pig/Chicken/ Office Hut. That was installed in the room which is now the sitting room/office/workroom.
2) We have a humungous pile of wood which was the entire wood complement of the house. It is stacked outside of the Courtyard in an untidy  heap. And it really is a huge pile of wood. Of huge oak beams, and sundry other beams of various shapes and sizes. All removed from the house when the house was in its ruinous state.
3) So: wood cut into smaller pieces. Into the stove. Heat.

Ah. Mmmmmmm. Perhaps not. You see, we have also had weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of rain. And this rain has given the wood in the humungous wood pile a jolly good bath. In other words, it is soaked. And towel drying it will not work.

Now you might say 'Why didn't you get some of that wood put somewhere dry."
Because we didn't have anywhere dry to put it, that's why! And our heads have been full of other things. And the pile was too unwieldy to get a tarp over. And too dangerous to clamber over as well, being full of nails and sharp edges.

And, so, anyway, our wood is soaked. Not to worry. Gate entrance has become reasonably clear so have wiggled and pulled some carry-able pieces of wood and stacked them there, the theory being that the current of air flowing through the gateway might dry them off a bit.

Meanwhile, I have an oil filled radiator tucked up beside me when I am at my PC, with me on one side of it, Bools and Gus tucked up on their beds taking up the rest of the space. Lester has a halogen heater tucked up beside him when he is at work. So we have small portions of heat in an otherwise coolish space of a house.

Not to worry, though. Layers. One thermal vest. Two long sleeved T-shirts. One fleece. One handknit cardi. One handknit scarf. One pair thermal longjohns. One handmade wincyette petticoat. One thick skirt. One handmade crochet beanie upon my head. One pair handmade fingerless mittens upon my hands.  And over all, one huge handmade crochet shawl which is more like a blanket. Sexy, heh?

But we are dry. And in a better state of being than  the last two winters.

And would like to bring our flock of sheep, our two Tamworth pigs including Miserable Max, the Tamworth boar, who is still not happy, all the chickens, and our roofers, ...I would like to bring them all inside to have a huddle around my oil filled radiator. I am, at least, warmer than what they are. And I hope you are staying warm, and that you remain optimistic about the various difficulties in your life. When I have to move away from my warm spot into other areas of the house I have started singing. Having recently joined a choir, I have made it a requirement of myself to get my voice into a more rust-free state. So I practice singing exercises I found on Youtube. These, I have found, are a great way to divert my mind away from the fact that I am a tad on the chilly side. Seems to work.

And so I must close off. Need to wake Hubs up with his cup of tea. So singing my way into the arctic kitchen, off I go.

Blessings to you this day, and hope your day is a bright and shiny one. If you feel under a cloud, try singing. Try this: Say 'Bbbbrrrr', as you would do as if you are saying 'Bbbbrrrrr, its cold'. See how your lips vibrate as you pout them forward to make the Bbbrrr sound? Now through the Bbbrrr sing a scale. Go on! Have a go! If you are doing this properly, you will realise that you have to push the sounds out via your diaphram. So not only does this exercise your voice, it also exercises your tummy muscles, as well as your mouth muscles and your ability to hold a goodly portioned pout!

Au revoir!


Roz said...

I tried it Vera but Tessy has just come running over and jumped on me thinking I am in some kind of distress!!!

DUTA said...

Where I live , winter is mild in comparison with that of countries in Europe or North America.
Now it's still warm outside during the day, cooler inside but if you're dressed properly you don't need a heater.

In summer it's hot all around, and you need airconditioning inside or small fans placed strategically in the rooms.

Anyway, I wish you a warm winter and success with your writing and singing!

Vera said...

Roz: Boolie howls! But persevere Roz, because one's ability to do a pout does improve!

Duta: We can't have it all ways, can we Duta! We might have cold winters but by comparison to your summers, our summer temperatures are quite mild, although still hotter than in northern Europe. Blessings to you, Duta, and look forward to reading your next blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Oh yes, building and maintaining a woodpile is definitely a time consuming art form. I'm wearing that layered look too, but without the lovely hand made elements of yours Vera, though I do try to include clashing colours in the design; today I've managed purple orange and ruby, so that I don't look too much like an extra in Dr. Zhivago.
My kitchen light has exploded so while I am waiting for my tame electrician I have rigged up my only spare lamp, which is one meant to prevent SAD syndrome. So I'm hoping it will work, and cheer me up through this bleak midwinter.
Hope you and Lester keep cosy,

Vera said...

Ondine: Do you suffer from SAD then? I used to when living in the UK. As the winter nights got longer and longer so I got slower and slower until I seemed to collapse into an almost soporific state. I can feel myself losing energy here, but no where near as bad as it was when I was in the UK. Might be the outdoor life we lead. Plus no central heating. And I do feel my moods collapsing downwards sometimes, which I think is part of the SAD syndrome, but they don't get so 'dark'. Hope you have a good winter, Ondine, and that your spirits stay up.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Vera
We may have snow, but it's also very, very cold. I've only just thawed out after walking to town so I'm now not cold enough to try your singing exercises. What a shame :) I'll throw a snowball in your direction.

Diane said...

I am about as sexy as you as at the moment, I have dozens of layers on and I am still cold!!! Diane

Vera said...

Ken: Aw, shame on you, Ken, for not doing those singing exercises! It's been very cold here, but no snow. Thanks for the snow ball! Stay warm.

Diane: Wahoo! Two sexy multi-layered gals are we!

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
Well, I am very much as you describe Vera. The last 25 years I have worked long hours in a building which got very little natural light, which has been a contributing factor I think. I am sure you are right about the benefit of being outside.
For your writing, if it is fiction, how about picking three of your titles and writing a 500 word synopsis or create a character list for each one, that might kick start your imagination.
Stay safe. Ondine

Vera said...

Crikey, Ondine, 25 years in a place not lit by natural light! It's no wonder that you suffer from SAD. Having animals, we have to go outside and do jobs associated with them, and that, plus the fact that we have better light down here, helps keep me almost SAD-free. Almost!
As for my writing. Most of the titles are to do with my 'other work', but I will take on board what you have said. My worst problem is avoidance - sitting down at my PC with the intent to work, and then being seduced onto Facebook, reading other blogs, Internet surfing, etc, before I start. This burns up mental energy, which is not good. I am in the middle of a series of five books, one of which has been self published, the second is just on its way to being self publised, but I could do a synopsis and chapter list for the third. Good thinking, Ondine! Thanks for spurring me on. Now what about you. Have you a project you are currently involved with, or would like to be involved with?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it was a horrible building, the window above my desk had bars, and I was never sure if they were to keep thieves out ~ or keep me in!
O xx

Vera said...

Crikey that sounds grim indeed!