Thursday, 23 December 2010


Plenty of wagging tails, friendly licks, and doggy romps between Springer boy Bools and Springer girl Ella.  Would they, or wouldn't they make babies. No, they wouldn't. When Bools was willing, Ella wasn't. When Ella was keen, Bools was off the boil.

Not to worry, I got to have an adventure, paddle in some snow, and have a proper shower, the first for a very long time.

So where did I go? Across to the Ariège, four hours drive time away, or three hours if car driven by someone else, only I do have a tendency to dawdle along because I like to look at the scenery as I travel, being of the opinion that since I might not travel this way again, that it is best to pay attention. Get maximum benefit. Enjoy. Could do a rush and be fixated by time and the need to arrive. Not me.

Not sure about the logistics of getting Bools and Ella into parenthood, though. For now, at any rate, they remain friends only.

It was a good trip.

To return was even better.


Anonymous said...

Never mind Vera, at least you had a day out and a bit of a break.
All very best wishes to you and Lester for a very Merry Christmas.
Peace and Joy

Ken Devine said...

Glad you appreciated the shower, Vera. The video was brilliant btw! It was so good to see and hear everything...including your voice.
Have a warm, warm, warm and merry Christmas. Make sure you have a little time off to relax, too!

Vera said...

Peace and joy to you too, Ondine, and I hope the coming year produces some marvelous moments for you.

Ken: Glad you liked the vid, and I will take your advice and 'take time out to relax'. Hope you do too! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Xmas.