Tuesday 4 December 2012

The reasons.....

The reason why we have not got a compost heap:
(We try to make one but the chickens keep scratching, eating, and demolishing it)

The reason why my kitchen is now looking a hell of a lot tidier:
(Dishwasher now plumbed in and in full operational order)

The reason why we have enough meat, and some veg, for most of next year:

The reason why I so love being here:
(well, one of them)

The reason why my feet were warm today:
(I made myself some knitted socks!)

The reason why I shall never be stick thin:
(Love messing about with food, love eating the end products )

The reason why we are going to be warmer next winter:
(The doors are to go up half way along the hallway, beside the stairs when they are built soon)

The reason why we are warmer this winter:
(The boiler to the left, and the bathroom that it feeds hot water to, resulting in hot showers which are so much better than standing in a large room with a bowl of water and a flannel)

The reason why we have a full freezer:
(With joy Max now has his two girls back in with him and I have the learning curve of making hams, bacon, etc, from the youngsters that Max and one of the girls produced last January)

The reason why we don't have a hedge:
(It used to come over the top of the poles)

(.....and you can see Elise, our young heifer, looking to see what is going on)

These are just a few of the reasons why I smile a lot.
I hope you have lots of reasons as to why you smile too.


John Going Gently said...

I always adore the way that chickens flatten EVERYTHING!
I have a christmas card for you x

rusty duck said...

Love the pictures of the goats (and Elise) and hope they've all remembered about the ditch under the brambles.

Keep smiling Vera, it will be so worth it.

Diane said...

and the reason I read your blog is because it is always such fun :-). Keep well and warm. Diane

Horst in Edmonton said...

Great post today, looks like everything is looking better these days. Those goats are really working on those brambles. You and hubby, will have to go in there with some cutters and remove all the dry stuff. At least you can see where the dry stuff is now.

Vera said...

John, how do the chickens do that! Our compost heap was as high as our heads when they arrived, now it is at ground level!

Jessica, the ditch is sort of filled in by squashed bramble stems now!

Diane, I am glad that you enjoy the blog, makes it all the more worthwhile to do.

Horst, oh, didn't think of that! Perhaps those dry stems will rot down now they are exposed to the elements. Don't fancy having to get into that ditch and cut them out!

Ken Devine said...

Love the post, Vera. I'd forgotten what a pleasure it was to visit you here.

Vera said...

Hello Ken, nice to hear from you, hope you are well and still keeping up with your painting.