Monday 24 December 2012


So today I got up, and in a mood. Wanted to go outside to enjoy the lovely sunny weather we are having. Missed yesterday's dollop of sunshine because I was in the kitchen for most of the time, tidying it up, baking a couple of cakes, pot roasting our home grown pork, and doing sundry other tasks which seems absolutely necessary to do because on Christmas Eve, that is what you do, tidy, cook, be busy. Sang at a carol concert in the evening. Came home ready for Christmas, not that we were going to do anything special, but at least I had promised Lester a roast dinner, even if I was iffy about cooking it because I just wanted to have a day out in the sunshine, because I missed the sunshine yesterday, and I know I have said this already, but I did feel robbed of that sunshine yesterday because I was doing things in the kitchen. 

So today I got up, and in a mood. Reluctantly I observed the clean kitchen table, knowing that soon it would be covered with cooking stuff. Lester was cheerful, though. He has just spent the last few days getting an enclosure made in the Tall Barn for the goats, so he is glowing with pride, and quite rightly so. Last night he got them in to their new sleeping quarters, and now he was getting them out into the field to join cow and sheep for the day. He was joyful in this task, but I was decidedly lacking in joyfulness as I fished around in the stock pot for the joint of pork which was then to be finished off in the oven, together with sundry other veggies. 

Anyway, I moped my way through the next couple of hours, being selfish really, or maybe not. It has been a busy year. Maybe I just need to rest for a couple of days. But I did help Lester out as he made a hole for a pole in the Sheep Barn, which is to be part of two small enclosures for pregnant sheep, or new mums with young, or orphans, and I did feel lighter in self when he had finished the job and cemented the pole in, ready for the planks of wood to be attached to it tomorrow. 

Back indoors for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Put the dinner on, now in a better frame of mind but would still have preferred to stay outside. Not to worry, Christmas Day only happens once a year so I had better get on with it and be more cheerful.

Then Hubs thought it a good idea to have a look at our stash of veggie seeds so we can sort out what we need to buy for 2013 veggies, which further cheered me up wonderfully well, then dinner became cooked, and we had it, and it was simple but tasty, and we bloated out quite well but not too much, and we felt in good cheer, and soon it would be time to get the animals in for the night, but first we thought to switch our computers on and see what the world was up to this Christmas Day.

Only it wasn't. Christmas Day had not been done by anyone else but us, this we realised when Lester said "What's today's date?"
"The 24th" I said. 
"Isn't Christmas supposed to be the 25th?" he said.

Then people stopped by and became enthused when looking at the goats out in the field, so we invited them in to have a look at the animals properly, so that their little two year old could see the animals, and even feed them, this being the time of day when the animals have their supper. 

Then the people went, and it became Christmas Eve but not for us because we did Christmas Eve yesterday, and have now done Christmas Day today, so tomorrow is Boxing Day for us, and I shall think of you all dashing about cooking, etc, because I did all that today, which means that tomorrow I can have my day outside in the sun while all of you make merriment!

So wishing you all a wonderful, cheerful, and joyous Christmas Day! 

Meanwhile, we are in soporific mode, and now into the choccies, vino, (Baileys for me), and the slothfulness of Christmas Day indulgence!


rusty duck said...

A belated Happy Christmas!!!
Have a good day off tomorrow Vera! Jessica x

SueC said...

hi Vera - Merry Christmas - this did make me smile - we did Christmas at the beginning of December because that's when we could organise a gathering of the clan. That was in England - we had a nice Christmas eve walk then ate yesterdays leftovers for dinner tonight - we will have a proper Christmas lunch tomorrow - hope you have some leftovers from your roast for a Christmas day feast

Vera said...

Thanks Jessica. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Day tomorrow! x

Vera said...

SueC, I have done my Christmas feast for this year, so it will be stir fried left over veggies tomorrow! With rice! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and sending you best wishes for a happy 2013.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow enjoy your day off in the Sun. Merry Christmas. I will be off to friends house.

Vera said...

Horst, hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day!

Jean said...

How wonderful - to have Christmas on the wrong day !!

I hope it was a good-un.

Vera said...

Jean, we did have a lovely Christmas, which eventually stretched over two days because we got the date wrong! Hope you had a lovely Christmas as well.