Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I'm just saying.....

I'm just saying that doing this smallholding lark in the rain is not the bestest enjoyment I can have. I am not moaning. I am not whinging. I am just saying.....

Just one day of torrential rain, that's all, and more bucketfuls this morning. The goats wouldn't come out from the sheep barn at all. Elise (our heifer) did go out but was found almost climbing back over the fence to come back in again just before lunch. The pigs sloshed around then went back to bed for the day. The chickens flitted in and out of shelter as necessary. The sheep kept on munching their way from side to side of the Big Field, oblivious to all except the need to fill their tums.The geese. Ah. Puddles! So they have been dredging out the puddles so that they can make bigger holes in the ground which we can trip over when the wetness goes away. 

We just got soaked. 

Two double rainbows late this afternoon. Does this mean good luck? If it does, then sending the good luck on to you all. 

And I would recommend home made knitted socks. (Photo in last post). In wellingtons that are too big the socks will turn over on themselves and come out an interesting shape, but wiggle them back into the correct position on the feet, and they soon go back into sock shape. But they are warm and have a cosy feeling. They feel friendly. 

Off to a new choir this evening. Got fed up with the other choir. Too much chit chat. Couldn't hear myself think. Got stuck behind three divas, big ladies, tall ladies, chatty ladies. Voice kept rebounding off their backs when I was singing, so sat down and listened instead. No one saw me sit down apart from those sitting beside me. I was hidden from most by the largeness of those three round ladies who were chit chatting even when supposed to be singing.

Jean Pierre has been carrying on with the ceiling in the back room. Says that there will be a 5cm slope to the ceiling over the front room. Means that anyone walking across the floor upstairs in that room could feel like they were on board a slightly sloping deck of a boat. Not to worry. Lester has issued instructions to Jean Pierre to make sure the ceiling / floor is flat, and to put a ramp where it meets anything else which is not of the same height. I am sure it will turn out alright in the end. It is, after all, an old house, and therefore is entitled to have oddnesses. 

Off to dry my DIY socks off so I can wear them to choir tonight. They got wet when I was splashing about making little streams in the mud of the Sheep Paddock so the water could drain away. Lester says that I should also have a shower. I said "Why, do I smell?" And he said, "No, you've got mud all over your face and in your hair". Not to worry. A quick wipe round with a flannel will sort that out. I do not uncover myself to the air unless it is to make a quick dive into the deliciously heated environment of the electric blanketed bed, or to get out of the warmness of that bed in the morning to make a quick dash into the shower, this being done when I am still half asleep. In between such events, my skin stays snugly warm inside at least five layers of clothes. It is the way. It is winter. 

Am off to find the flannel. x


Diane said...

I have a picture of you in my mind. You are standing singing away with a big blob of mud on your nose and with your wellies on. LOL Keep warm and dry Diane

Rosaria Williams said...

You are chugging along with flair and style, all of you!
I love reading about your work, your choir, your socks, your house-remodeling. Looking forward to more.

Denise said...

And isn't one of the BEST things about getting out of a warm 'n' snugly bed during a cold, Winter's night (for a wee small hours visit to the loo) the getting back INTO the warm 'n' snugly bed again?

Sometimes I get out of bed in the middle of the night for the sheer hell of it, so I can get back in again and experience the whole 'oooooohness' of the warm-bed-on-cold-night malarkey!


Denise x

Leon Sims said...

Feel very sad for us please - high 30s this weekend in Melbourne.

rusty duck said...

Sorry about the rain, the animals seem to have the right idea. And the geese, ah, they do love puddles..!

P.S. You won't notice any slope on the floor if you have more Baileys..

Vera said...

Diane, well you were almost right. I did miss some mud on my face, which Lester helpfully removed when I got home from choir!

Rosaria, we are indeed chugging along, better when it is not raining though.

Denise, loo trips during the night are only enjoyable if there is a warm man to snuggle up to, plus the added bonus of the background heat of the electric blanket. Sheer bliss!

Leon and Sue, have a roast in the sun for us, and we shall do the same when the situation is reversed during the middle of next year!

Jessica, accidentally put a tot of Baileys instead of Cranberry juice into my cup this morning. Often have a hot juice instead of tea. This morning it was hot Cranberry juice laced with Baileys. Truly, it was an accident, honestly!