Tuesday 22 December 2009

And here I am again!

And a bit of tinsel upon the gates is all we have managed this year by way of Christmas decs. Mind you, I have only just found the box of decorations, it having been residing beneath the now redundant tarpaulins. And Yes! The tarps are no longer required to keep our things dry. Because with the help of Jean-Pierre, our stupendous roofer-man, our last bit of furniture has become shifted into the house. 

And I feel a peculiar sadness. Almost an anti-climax. The end of a particular journey. Because now we are moved in. Only our things. Not our bodies. And so why this sadness? Odd. I should be up on the Moon with excitement that we have managed to come this far. But no. I am not. Perhaps because Hubs's work is changing, the office's of his present employment company close this week signalling another step in the demise of the company. He has work for the moment, but 2010 must signal change for him. The roof is done. Just a few tweaks here and there and it is done. 

Wow! So why this curious sense of sadness! Perhaps an anti-climax? After all, it has been a long year. Many decisions. Loads of money going out. Perhaps, therefore, just a little tired from the effort. 

So to combat this general state of gloominess, I talked myself into getting up early and taking a running leap at the day by getting on with the writing. Should be doing the synopsis to my second book, but thought I would chat to you instead. After all, I have been neglecting you over the last few days. What have I been doing? Hibernating, that's what. The weather has turned cold, and we are F..a...r.....eeeeeeeezzzzzzzing! But no snow. Everywhere else seems to have had snow - the rest of France, the Uk, and most of northern Europe, but we haven't. Thanking the Universe for this blessing:  doing a pile of snow would be inconvenient at this time, mostly because I am feeling gloomy. Actually my mood is lifting as I write, so you are cheering me already! 

And......we are on our way to Spring. Winter solstice has just gone by, so the days will start getting lighter by at least 5 to 10 minutes per day. And......our roof is done. 

Re: the dock weed project. (Digging up the weeds from the side field so that the recently planted grass seed can grow). On hold at the moment. Well, it is hibernation time! Try telling that to the dock weeds though. They seem to keep growing when all else is asleep. Including my fingers and toes for much of the time, which are either stone-cold or itching from the blood finding its way back into them. But  a new project has uprisen, and that is crocheting mittens to keep our hands warm. 

Aren't they the sexiest thing! Oh do oblige me and say they are! Well alright then. They aren't! But they are warm and it is an easier task to make these rather going out and digging the dock weeds up. And Hubs has a pair as well, only he seems to keep mislaying them and only remembers to wear them when I remind him to. It is possible, do you think, that he isn't really fussed about wearing them? But I am. And they match my newly crocheted scarf. Oooohhh seeeexxxxy!

Gosh. I feel all cheered up now, and ready to get on with my day. Thanks for listening to my grumps, and hope you have a splendid day as well. God bless.....


Barry said...

I'm happy to listen. You have very interesting grumps.

I'm glad to put the Winter Solstice behind me as well and look forward to that 5-10 minutes of extra light each day A little more vitamin D can't hurt.

Vera said...

Thankyou so much, Barry, for saying that I have interesting grumps! It made me feel so much better after having written about them! And with the shortest day now behind us, it does lift the spirits to think that Spring is getting nearer, doesn't it. Love to you and Linda.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Vera said...

Thanks so much, Des, and may I wish you loads of blessings for 2010.

DUTA said...

The mittens are indeed sexy. Spring is on its way. The roof is done. Hubby has work (why worry about next year?) So, all's well.

Happy Holidays Vera!

Vera said...

I am glad that someone also thinks that my mittons are sexy, Duta! Yes, and Spring is on its way, and all is well here at Labartere. Hope your place in the world is doing alright as well, and that 2010 sends many happy moments to you.

Walter Jeffries said...

Definitely sexy! My wife has a pair of gloves that the finger tips wore off of so she cut them back much like yours. She says that keeping her palms warm makes a difference and it lets her do detail work outdoors on the farm.

Merry Christmas, Sunny Solstice & Happy New Years!

Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm
in Vermont, USA

Vera said...

Hi Walter, so its fingerless gloves for us girls then! I like the way you can curl your fingers back into the palms of your hands when they get really frozzled, and then let them come out again when they are ready to do some work again!
Wishing you all the best for 2010.....

Land of shimp said...

I guess it's a little depressing simply because you've anticipated this for so long. It's an odd thing, isn't it, when we finally accomplish something, and it's no longer in front of us, there is a strange sense of loss.

After all, you and anticipation had been keeping company for quite some time!

The gloves are very practical, and cheery! Who could ask for anything more?

Vera said...

You have hit the nail on the head, L of S, and you are right about how one achieves what one has anticipated only to find an anticlimax comes upon one subsequently. Sending you blessings of the season.