Sunday, 7 November 2021

Being pushed along.....

2018. Playing the accordion with my husband at an open air concert in France.

The accordion is a heavy instrument to play and requires quite a hefty work out across my chest to get it singing. It has been silent for many months. " Never again would I be able to play it ", that was my thinking. Heart operations, lack of strength in my chest and everywhere else, these were my reasons for not lifting it out of its carrying case and strapping it to myself. I contented myself with playing the piano. My chest didn't mind that. 

Being pushed along by the Universe.......: So my husband had a phone call: "Would you like to come along to our rehearsal next week. Our violinist is leaving us, so we wondered if you would like to fill his slot. We are the Gracechurch Historical Dancers, and put on exhibitions of  English folk music." 

It was settled...... He would be playing the violin and mandolin, and I would go along to support him. After all, I was still supposed to be in post recovery time and therefore 'delicate'.

Rehearsal over. My husband had acquitted himself well, as I knew he would. But this was only  a rehearsal for the musicians of Gracechurch, and the next rehearsal would be in the local village hall with the dancers. I was quite content to go along and watch. I was, after all, still 'delicate'.  "Not so" said The Universe.......

......... another rehearsal over.... the dancers did their folk dancing while the musicians played for them, and I watched and listened, thinking that at the next rehearsal I would bring my knitting to keep me occupied. 
I heard my husband talking about the music we had played in France. 
"So you play music as well?" said leader of the group to me.
"I did, but I had a operation recently .......", thinking that this was a good enough reason not to be involved.  
"She plays the accordion......" my husband butted in.
In annoyance, because of my 'delicate' condition, I said " I don't anymore, and anyway the sound of the accordion would drown out all the other musicians", thinking that was the end of the conversation.

But no, I was not to be let go of so easily, because everyone has agreed that I shall play my electronic keyboard (piano) during future rehearsals. It was also agreed that I could learn the melodeon, which is to be loaned to me for the moment. A melodeon is a smaller and lighter accordion type of instrument, and therefore 'should be easier for my chest to handle', everyone said.    

On the way home....I was very quiet, feeling as if I had been organised into doing too much too soon. 

But if you me, what would you do as soon as the next day arrived? You would feel the excitement of a new challenge.......that is what you would do. 
So.......I got the accordion out its carrying case, and lifted it up on to my chest meanwhile expecting horrendous things to happen in the chest itself, and started playing. I was out of practice, the fingers of  my left hand had lost their positional map of the bass keys, while my right hand moaned about the awkward position it was held in. But no moaning came from my chest, or anything held within my chest. 

Playing the accordion again is a huge milestone for me,  and although it will take me a lot more practice before I can render a musical sound sufficient to satisfy my musicianship, this was a huge sign that I am getting better, and that my body is healing. 

The accordion is still too strong and loud to be played with the Gracechurch players, but I have the piano keyboard, and maybe the melodeon if I can learn to play it. I am nervous about playing in public again, but I shall do it for me. 

The Gracechurch players have an associated band called the Devil's Chair. We think they play Celtic / Medieval music. We have been invited to join them as well. As I say......being pushed along by the Universe!

Bye for now, 

from a newly non-delicate Vx


Rosalea said...

That is incredibly wonderful news to hear! You go Girl!

local alien said...

The universe knows best! Sounds like ideal therapy to me. Get out there and wow them. With a bit of practice

Mama Pea said...

Good for you, Vera! Some times there is no one holding us back from anything but ourselves. So glad to hear you took the first baby step by hefting your accordion from its case to your chest. Onward!! :o)

DUTA said...

Music is healing. Good Luck with the melodion!

Vera said...

ROSELEA...I shall keep going, and thank you for your encouragement.

Vera said...

LOCAL ALIEN.....The Universe does know best, even if I question their wisdom when at the start of a new project!

Vera said...

MAMA PEA...... you are right, we hold ourselves back and sometimes we need a push to move forward!

Vera said...

DUTA....the melodeon is a completely new instrument to learn, which is no doubt going to need a lot of patience!

Rhodesia said...

Well done Vera, great news to hear that you are playing music again.

I am far behind with blogging. Hopefully I will get time soon to go through all my October and November photos!!!

Keep well. Diane

walking in beauty carmarthenshire said...

The Univers often knows best, trick is ,to know what its saying.
Music as I am sure you know is very good for us and foe 'retuning' us. I work with Tibettan bowls to vibrate the body and many people find it very helpfull, edpecially to free up muscles yjay have ceased up.
Hope it all goes wekk for you. Another step forward, or mayne a leap.
Walk in beauty, Kathy xx

Vera said...

RHODESIA.....Thank you, Diane, and I an sure you will catch up soon. are right, it is hard to know sometimes what direction The Universe is helping you towards! Oh wow..... Tibettan singing bowls....I find it amazing how they resound throughout my body!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Ah, Dear Vera! Such wonderful news! And the melodeon will work equally well, as will a keyboard.

I am coming to understand that most of us, no matter what our age or condition, are much more capable of doing things than we think we are. Sometimes, we just need a gentle nudge.

Dawn said...

I love the accordion my granddad use to play one , you go girl

Rajani Rehana said...

Super blog

crafty cat corner said...

This is such a heartening post. I came to you through reading 'Northsider.
I believe that crafts and music are the way to go to feel better so I bet this will do you the world of good.
I play piano and Ukulele and know that when I've had a good old bash at them I feel tone better.

Lisa@TwoBearsFarm said...

That's so cool that you play the accordion! My three boys play instruments, but I don't know how to play anything.