Friday, 22 October 2021

1.5 miles!

And so it became for The Walk. For several days my OH had been making it his planned project for the weekend, that he would take me out for a walk around Colemere, shepherding me should I feel doddery, assisting me should I feel my energies failing. His expectation of me was similar to mine...... that it would take an effort to walk round the lake, because that is what Colemere is ...... " a deep expanse of water shaped like a giant's tummy button, with steep sides and filled with icy water in its lower depths". ( Of course I was not going to be going in for a swim, though, because I do not own a swimming costume, and there are huge fish in the lake anyway, which my imagination would turn into the biggest of sharks tout suite as soon as I was ankle deep in the water. Much better to stay on dry land. Much more sensible. 

Here is the lake and surrounding woodland. 
Here is NOT me, but someone else 
- a photo poached off the internet because I forgot to take a similar one of the lake myself!

But here IS a portion of me walking along the path beside the lake, just to prove that I did have my walking boots on and was stoically marching along albeit at a sedate pace.

..... and my OH moving ahead of me because he was a tad fed up with me trying to photograph my feet  in walking mode.....

...... and the wonderful sparkling of sunshine through the trees.....

....a pause for a snack, and Maz hoping for a morsel to come her way.....   

It was a grand day out, 
and I managed to walk, at a goodly pace, for one and a half miles!

It was a personal achievement for both my OH and me. 
I never thought I would ever walk a hundred yards, let alone 1.5 miles.  
Keep on going, that is what I have learnt, and don't give up.
I might not ever be as fit as I once was, but I am fitter than I have been recently. 

Bless you in your journey, 

Bye for now,



Mama Pea said...

A walk of 1.5 miles is nothing to sneeze at! Good for you . . . and for the support of your husband in being your walking partner just in case you felt the need for a piggyback ride on the way back home. Which you happily didn't! ;o)

Rosalea said...

Wonderful news! So glad to hear you are getting better and better! Our bodies are amazing machines.

northsider said...

Good on you Vera. I love walking. You see so much more than you do in a car.

Vera said...

MAMA PEA: I think he was glad to not piggy back me...... I am quite a heavy girl!

ROSELEA: I agree about our bodies being 'amazing machines'.... despite the abuse we heap on them!

NORTHSIDER DAVE: I have always loved walking as well, and it is nice to get out in that fresh air again.

Rhodesia said...

Well done, I have not had time for walking during summer, but now winter is approaching, and the garden is less productive, I can get out again, but I will have to take it easy to begin with!
It looks like you have a wonderful place to walk also which is good.
I so often think of you and what you achieved here. You now have a new life to look forward to.
Take care and keep safe, very best wishes Diane

Vera said...

RHODESIA...Hope you are well and survived the heat of the French summer OK. I am glad to be back in England though..... that heat was too much for me in the end, and contributed to the failure in my health. But as you say, now we have moved we have a new chapter opening up in our lives, which I am most looking forward to. Wishing you happy walking! Vx

local alien said...

1.5 miles is fantastic. Pat yourself on your back. You are doing very well . Keep up the walks

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Oh, but this is such wonderful news Vera. So proud of you! I find walking to be the very best sort of exercise, as it allows me to think while I move and it is not so sweat inducing and exhausting that I come to dislike it. And, one does indeed get to look at scenery.

Vera said...

LOCAL ALIEN: I shall keep my walking boots at the ready! Thanks.

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL: My walking method is not to strive to go as fast as I can, but to keep stopping to have a look at this and that along the way! Thank you for your kind comment.

Rhodesia said...

Hi Vera we hardly had a summer this year at all. I can only remember one very hot day and that was the day we drove down to Terres d'oiseaux in July. The main route back home was along the N10 and then on to the N141, easy driving and a fairly quick trip, we planned to be home before 16h00. We had not gone very far on the N10 when we discovered ourselves in a stationary queue of traffic. The outside lane was full of trucks, the inside lane all cars. Thankfully the truck drivers had all used some common sense and not blocked two lanes. We sat there in one place for just over 3 hours with the car temperature reading 40 degrees C. Thank goodness I had packed two large bottles of water into the cool box!
Nobody had a clue what was the problem and we only found out the next day. Two trucks had collided and one had burst into flames.

Eventually, the cops arrived on motorbikes and made the odd spaces between trucks so that cars could get between. They then herded us all off into the emergency lane, sometimes we were driving partly on the grass as it was so narrow but finally after what seemed like ages we left the N10 on an off-ramp. The trucks must have been there for many hours afterwards but I guess they finally could make their way to an off-ramp as well. The next trick was to tell the Tomtom the road was blocked and how do we get home. It cleverly put us back on to the N10 beyond all the drama (whatever it was) and off we went again. Suddenly we were herded off by cones into a single lane (road works) and then sent off once again onto an off-ramp. Back into the countryside once more. To cut things short we had problems finding our way but eventually got onto the N141 and home was almost in sight - but then we discovered that the 141 had road works in progress and had blocked off our route home - another 20 minutes later we arrived home by yet another route. It was then 19h30. We were both exhausted, hot and knackered.

Keep safe Diane

Vera said...

RHODESIA: Oh Diane, what a journey that must have been for you, which must surely have distracted from the pleasures of the day. Hope that was a one off experience!