Friday, 19 February 2021

Astra Zeneca

Astra Zeneca,  what are you doing to me, for you have made me all stiffo and slightly wobbly.
Punched into my arm yesterday morning, you and I have been introduced by The Government. 

It was a requirement of my surgeon, the one who will be excavating in me to patch things up, that I have the vaccine, because this is what Astra Zeneca is, a Covid vaccine. 
With me and my partner expecting dire things to happen, it was with a sense of relief that all I experienced was a day of very mild flu like symptoms. Although I did go to bed for a few hours, I really did not need to, but thought I would anyway....sort of as a present to myself for getting the vaccine done. 
Today I feel all woozy-headed, which may or may not be as a result of the vaccine, or it may be because of the endless hours we have spent on our computers scrolling up and down as we start searching again for a home for ourselves. 

The Telford bungalow is now filed away in history. A search found that there were some irregularities to the title deed documents, so we had to let it go. A day or two of mourning for the loss of hope, then we got another packet of hope out of our mental cupboards, and are now off to view another property this afternoon. 

It is amazing that we still seem to have enough 'packets of 'hope' to keep going..... that and 'keeping faith that everything will somehow turn out alright'......

Bye for now,


local alien said...

My husband had the astrazeneca yesterday. No symptoms at all. I'm just over the age limit so will have to wait for another month or so, probably.
Good luck with the house hunting. There's a bungalow out there with your name on it. You'll find it for sure!

walking in beauty carmarthenshire said...

Hi Vera. Hope springs eternal.
Lets hope you find a better place soon, perhaps you need some land for the good of your soul.
Glad you have had your jab, we had ours 3 weeks ago, so now have a decent amount of protection.
Good luck for your op.
Kathy xx

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Vera, this is similar to what both of my parents went through as part of their pre-move in procedure. Hope you feel better soon.

Unfortunate about the bungalow, but I am confident something better will come along.

Rhodesia said...

I had the Pfizer vaccine and apart from a mildly sore arm the following day that was it. I have my second jab on the 8th so I hope it will be no worse.

I did try to email you but it bounced so guess you have changed again since France.

Happy house hunting. Keep safe Diane

Jean said...

House hunting is so stressful, especially when you think you have found "the one" and it falls through for some reason. Good luck with your search. The right one will turn up eventually.

Rosalea said...

"Hope springs eternal"! Positive thoughts heading your way.

Mama Pea said...

House/property hunting can be such a roller coaster ride! So, so hard not to get one's hope up when "the right" place is found, but it's not always smooth sailing because details are often revealed that change the whole deal. But better to somehow manage to be patient than find yourselves saddled with something undesirable. It's hard, though, isn't it?

Vera said...

MAMA PEA: My view is that if the right house comes up for us then it should fall into place, and the bungalow was not doing really doing this, so it is with relief that we have to let it go. And within a couple of days we have found another house, and this one is far more suitable for us! As you say, it is hard work to keep looking!

Vera said...

Your 'good luck' wishes seem to have paid off....... we found another property within days, but not a bungalow....a house, but with easy stairs to climb up and down on!
Hope you get your vaccination soon.....

You have to keep hope alive, which I seems to have the effect of dissolving problems eventually.......!
And you are right, Kathy, we do need 'some land for the good of our souls', because we have found a semi-rural house with a quite a big garden, lots of fields all around, and plenty of space to walk the dog! It would seem that the bungalow was not the right place for us!
Was relieved that I did not have any side effects from the vaccine..... glad that you both are also protected.

..... and 'something better' has come along, and with some land to grow a few vegetables on, an outside office I can do my crafting in, and is rural, so there is plenty of fields all around us. Not a bungalow, but a house this time, and with stairs that are not too steep!

Glad your vaccine experience was minimal as well. Let's hope that the second jabs will be the same.

My new email address is:

House hunting takes such a time to do, although was fun in the beginning! But we have found another 'the one', so hopefully the purchase will go smoothly this time!

Thank you for sending out positive thoughts....... every bit of helps!

northsider said...

The house and garden sound great. Maybe a polytunnel after all?😊

Vera said...

Well....maybe! Definitely a poly or a greenhouse!

Denise said...

So glad you’ve found another house that suits your needs, Vera!

Vera said...

Feeling hopeful........Vx