Monday 8 December 2014

Sunday lunch!

It was a lovely day yesterday, with warm sunshine and blue skies, 
but with a sharp wind which prevented any layers of clothing being taken off, 
just my thick cardigan, the rest stayed put. 

Even so, myself would have preferred a day spent not too far from my bed, 
but the piglets had tunnelled under the fencing wire out in the paddocks
 and were now all together again, 
which was a delight for them, 
but not for us. 
Having observed the males starting to practice procreation methods on each other, 
it was not going to take them long to realise that they were practicing on the wrong sex.
Time was short.
We have already experienced an 'accident' happening,
when we were slow in separating male and female piglets.
Nature is a driving force,
that is what we have already learnt.

Since separation is the only method of birth control in the piglet world,
we had to get the fence sorted out.
It is a strong fence, but we had not had time to get the electric wire up,
so that is what we spent the day doing.
Not many hours did we have though,
because once we have done our farm chores, we only have about four hours to do other work.
So no time to cook, or eat, a proper lunch,
just cheese sandwiches, apples, and slices of cake.
No time to put the kettle on either,
so all was washed down with cold water.

It is surprising how tiring it was being outside all day.
We were finished with all farm chores by 5.30 pm 
and were had a late lunch, 
(just a bowl of soup)
Too tired to do anything sensible after that,
we browsed the internet on our respective PC's
(we don't have TV),
by 8.30 pm we were in bed.

I seemed to have solved the duvet problem,
(all seasons duvet, and the two halves kept slipping apart)
I  'borrowed' some of the fleece fabric I had bought to make new dog blankets with,
and anchored the duvet to the bed by using the material as an over blanket.
A warm night's sleep, that is what we have just had,
which is good,
because we have not finished the fencing yet,
and it is raining,
and the job has to be done,
because of the sexual urges of the male piglets,
not forgetting that there is also a kitchen waiting to be worked on as well,
so outside with our rain macs on,
that is where you will find us today!

And Boolie pretending that he does not know that there is a plate of food at the same height as his mouth!



Diane said...

Yes yesterday was not too bad here but the temperatures are certainly much colder and we have had our first frost. Don't forget to eat though, you need to keep your energy up for all the work you do. Keep well Diane

Ohiofarmgirl said...

what a fun picnic! yay for you!

Jean said...

I recognise that look - Lulu has the same skill for looking completely nonchalant when there is something tasty on the table, which is just at the same height as her nose!

Tim said...

Vera... have you got a duvet cover?
It suddenly occured to me when I read the bit about the overblanket... that you might not...
that might be why the duvet inserts are slipping apart?