Thursday 19 December 2013

A bit of heat

So we need to cut wood,
not for this year though,
because this year we do not need wood,
because we have no fire.

Actually, that's not quite true,
because we still have the  wood burner in the sitting room,
only the sitting room
is no longer
a sitting room, 
although once it was.....

...although it was only temporary,
 while we were still camping out, 
but only at night,
commuting from the house
to the caravans.
to sleep.

But now has come the time
to do things to the lounge,
which means
that the fire
is not used,
unless it is by Hubs,
having a warm up, between chipping away
at the walls,
and what a surprise!
Because beneath the old lime mortar,
where we thought would be nonsense,
there are river stones.

Lots of work to do then.
the rottweiller girls have discovered,
albeit for only a little while,
the joys of having heat.

it will be next winter
before they can
snooze for hours and hours
and get toasty warm.
The same for us.

And is something called Christmas hovering around?
Haven't a clue what the date is,
but it is Thursday,
this we know,
because the bin men came two days ago.
And the shortest day arrives soon.
Winter seems to be galloping along at a brisk pace.


Denise said...

Our wood burner was fitted on Monday and I am deeply and madly enamoured of it. I love coming home from work, making a cup of tea and getting the fire going! It is a ridiculously simple, yet heart-warming activity. I hope you get to use your woodburner a little this Winter. X

Vera said...

Hi Denise, it's the anticipation that we have come to enjoy. When the Rayburn and stove are got going, then we shall enjoy the heat they give us all the more for having had to wait!

Leon Sims said...

Vera Dear - you really are a most confusing woman and I guess that's why Hubs loves you. I only say this based on your interesting and most confusing text, but then I am a bit slow and no wonder!!!
My brain is fried from 40c heat here in Melbourne on Wednesday.
No fire means that you and Hubs will just have to cuddle up all the more.
A very happy festive season to you and Hubs (he seems like a very nice man) from Sue and I.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Vera! you dont have to publish this. i wanted to see how you were doing with the whole holiday thing - especially after losing your mother. this isnt everyone's favorite time of year..and the "first Christmas" without a mother can be kind of shocking. so i just wanted to see....
sending hugs if you need them.
your pal,

Rhodesia said...

It is a great feeling when you find a really good stone wall under all the junk. We have a fabulous wall in our bedroom.
Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2014. Diane

Vera said...

Leon,40 degrees! Even we don't hardly ever reach that temperature!

OFG. Bless you for being so kind. Fortunately we are very busy with getting sheep and our huge Tamworth girl into the freezer, but I can't say that family memories are not floating around in the background of my mind. Vx

Diane, it's a lovely feeling when you find the stone walls. Ours aren't perfect, and the wall will look patchy, but we love that look. Hope Christmas goes well for you too, and that 2014 is a superb one for you.