Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It's been a long time coming

The kitchen after the roof came off, but with old beams still in

The old chimney in the kitchen, which eventually fell down.

The kitchen when we arrived.

The ceiling of the kitchen after the roof was taken off.

....and the kitchen is finally waterproofed as the roof felt is put on today over her brand new roof beams.

And so our house has got a dry space inside: the first time in many a long year. And if felt like a house when we went inside to get a feel for being inside it with a roof almost on.

And the boys, Bools and Gus, did a celebratory howl to the moon tonight. Gus started it. Lifted his nose up to the sky just as the moon came out and did a howl. Bools then joined in. Not quite sure why they did that, perhaps for the sheer joy of living? Or to tell Fleur across the way that they were thinking of her? More likely that actually. Bruno came across on his motor bike this aftenoon to inspect the roof, followed by Fleur. Had Bools and Gus falling over themselves with joy, although Fleur didn't seem to think too much of Gus's efforts to get her attention and she had a fight with him after he tried to spraddle her, followed by Bools having a go at him for even trying.

Otherwise, we are OK. Was cold at six this morning, so knew we would have a warm sunny day. Which we did. If it had been warmer it would have signalled rain. But winter is approaching, and the feeling of autumn is now in the air. Still, the summer has been a long one, and I feel like I have got my money's worth out of the sun this year.

But today, part of our house is going to stay dry when next it rains, and that is a really good feeling to have.


DUTA said...

Hi Vera,

Very good pictures; You'll be able to introduce them in a book later on .
You are very observing about everything : house matters, the dogs, the weather - a true writer with an eye to details.

Land of shimp said...

Look, an act of completion! Is there ever anything more satisfying? I'm sure there is, but that certainly ranks high in the satisfaction sweepstakes.

Through effort, labor and patience you have created shelter.

By the way, it takes someone with a lot of vision to deem that room the "kitchen" in anything other than historical terms!

Well done :-)

Vera said...

Thanks Duta, for your words of encouragement. Hope you are well and in good spirits.

Vera said...

Hi Land of Shimp, I must agree with you about the 'kitchen'. It has taken a stretch of the imagination to see it as anything other than a mess. But if we hadn't had imagination and vision then we would never have come to Labartere in the first place. And the feeling of having achieved a 'shelter' has been worth all the effort. As you say, an act of completion is very satisfying. Nice to have you visit.

PhilipH said...

Hello V,
There's nothing that cannot be achieved with an old building; all you need is imagination, courage, hope and a spare bit of dosh.

Would you dare have a go at this old garden lodge, or bothy as they're called here in the Scottish Borders?


Vera said...

Yes I would, PhilipH, if it was the right place for me to be. I think those of us to take up the challenge of changing our lives are either spectacularly courageous or spectacularly daft. The first one, I think, is what applies both to you and us. Nice to have you visit, and thanks for popping by.

Vera said...

Oh and I forgot to mention your wife! Sorry about that error, as I think you and her must be a pretty good team.