Saturday 21 March 2020

My singing nose....

My nose sometimes sings to me, but only when I am lying down and dozing, sometimes even deeply asleep. And it insists that it is paid attention to, refusing to be ignored.

But it is not words that my nose sings, but sounds which are like squeals and squeaks, which are surprisingly tuneful and not at all irritating. It is the listening to this nose-song which wakes me up because I simply have to listen to the sound because it is so fascinating.

The sounds are not on the same note, but are varied in range and tone and only ever come on the 'out breath', never on the 'in breath'. Rarely do both sides of the nose sing at the same time, normally only one.It would seem that my nose has made its own vocal chords.

I do not know if others would be able to hear my nose singing. I am not sure that they would want to. So my nose sings for me only.

I have not investigated on the internet if others have such noses, and if they have, then if they find it an irritation. For me, it is not.

10 minutes later 

On sharing the making of our morning toast, I had cause to mention to my partner that my nose did sing, and I asked him if he had ever heard it. Not expecting him to say that he had, I was surprised when he turned to me, gave me an unexpected hug, said that he had and that is why he sometimes went and slept on the settee.


So I asked him what my nose song sounded like.
"Snoring" he said.
But I said that it wasn't snoring, and he said that the sound was not like the open mouthed type of snoring which apparently I have also been known to do, but it was a sort of shishing sound.


It would seem that in my head I hear the various tones which make up the song, but to someone else it just sounds like a shishing snore.

Oh well. I shall await more investigation into the full range of my nose singing. It is always different, never monotonous, and really quite tuneful.


Into the fourth day of the lock down here in France. We are not allowed to travel without a written form about where we live, where we are going, and why we are going there. Plus we have to have some form of identification. There are police checks everywhere to make sure we have these, with fines if we don't. They will also turn you back if they think you are driving too far away from where you live, or if they think you should be shopping at a supermarket closer to your home.

Most everywhere is closed, apart from the supermarkets, some of which seem to have fully stocked shelves, others are emptier. Most are allowing only two items of one particular product, and some are allowing over seventies to shop from 8.30 am to 9.30am. I am in that age range but do not feel ancient enough in myself to take advantage of that offer. 

We are in rural France, which I think is the best place to wait for things to settle down. As with everyone else in the world, we do not know how long this will take, so to shut down the worry because that will not do you or anyone else any good, and to stay busy with doing things which give you ease of mind. 

Bye for now,



Rhodesia said...

Sorry I had to laugh, snoring and singing do not sound much alike to me. Thank goodness we are where we are in France, lockdown could be far more serious if we were not in the country and with a fair sie garden. Take care and stay safe. Diane

Vera said...

RHODESIA, I am glad I made you laugh, and I would agree with you that snoring and singing are not alike, but the sounds in my nose are really quite musical!

I am glad we have not moved to the UK yet, but are still in the countryside of France for the moment.
Hope you and your husband stay well.

Denise said...

Andy has a singing nose. Drives me to distraction. Sigh....

Mama Pea said...

Thanks for the update on your current situation in France. You have such a good attitude. A negative one does no one any good.

And thank you for a few giggles reading about your nose singing. I've heard of throat singing done by Native Americans, but your nose singing is a new one. Maybe you need to change your repertoire to some different tunes so you partner doesn't have to go elsewhere to sleep. ;o)

Vera said...

DENISE, Oh dear, poor you!

MAMA PEA, I try to stay positive because being negative makes my blood pressure go loopy!
Fortunately my nose does not make its singing noises often, so we do sleep in the same bed most nights!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Glad to hear you are still doing okay. We are not in full lockdown but almost everything outside of grocery stores and things like large Wal-Martish things are closed.

Vera said...

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL, keeping as peaceful as we can, after all there is nothing we can do about the situation except to send out our thoughts and prayers to those who are in more need than we are. Hope you and your family stay well.