Monday, 17 June 2019

The Little Red Squirrel......

The little red squirrel sitting on the  fence pole,
Lester approaching the little red squirrel on his tractor.
He is busy with his Sunday afternoon task of cutting the grass.
He sees the little red squirrel, and the little red squirrel sees him,
Swiftly the little red squirrel turns itself upside down on the fence pole.
It is now part of the fence pole, or so it thinks.
This is a good idea.
Or is it?
Because now a goodly portion of the little red squirrel's fluffy tail is extending beyond the top of the fence pole.
It is like a signpost.
Lester sees the signpost.

Not to worry, onwards Lester goes.
Today is a sunshine day.
It is hot.
He needs to finish today's portion of mowing.
He needs to get indoors for a cool down and a nap.

The little red squirrel thinks its ploy of pretending to be a fence post has won the day.
Lester lets it think so.
Does not holler at it to '****** off!"

He is now past the fence post,
He sees the little red squirrel turn itself around,
Sees it sit itself on top of the fence post.
Sees it observe the fruit above its head
Sees it reach for a fruit,
Sees it take a bite.
For it is a fruit tree under which it is sitting,

But Lester sees all.........
Yet the need to be done with the task of mowing is greater than his urge to protect the fruit of the tree so onwards he goes.
He does not disturb the little red squirrel.
He lets the little red squirrel eat on.

Ah, but the little red squirrel does not like the fruit,
Not yet anyway,
So it turns around and perkily bounces off to investigate elsewhere,
Lester sees it go.
He carries on mowing.......
As I have said, it is hot, hot, hot.

One nap later:

122 peaches picked and laid out on a cotton sheet to continue on their way to ripening.
They are in our back kitchen.
But Lester has left a few peaches on the tree,
For the little red squirrel and others.......

Now.....what am I going to do with all those peaches when they ripen!

Bye for now,



DUTA said...

Beautifully written!
I like Lester's attitude; he's a kind man. I would have done the same - let the squirrel have the fruit, and possibly enjoy it.

Vera said...

DUTA, thanks, and all of us are going to enjoy those peaches, including the little red squirrel!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Peach cobbler, although I suspect that will make far more peach cobbler than any sane person should eat.

Vera said...

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL, thanks for suggesting the peach cobbler idea, shall be done!

northsider said...

There's nothing like a siesta when its hot. A cold beer works wonders too. Wish we had a red squirrel visitor.

Denise said...

I was on tenterhooks for the telling of the story, thinking the red squirrel might come a-cropper! Phew!

Rhodesia said...

Love this post, glad some fruit was left for the squirrel. Hope all is well Diane

Mama Pea said...

This post reads as though it could easily be turned into a children's book!

What to do with all those peaches? First off, I'd gobble as many as I could fresh as they ripened. Yum! Then a peach pie . . . or two. Then I'd can any remaining ones in a light syrup to have as a luscious dessert this coming winter.

local alien said...

Delightful story. Little red squirrel is another of your livestock!
Loads of peaches there. The first peaches (from the market) are just appearing. I ate one today. Sweet and juicy! I noticed a few apricots and cherries have arrived as well. The first of the summer abundance

Vera said...

NORTHSIDER DAVE: No cold beer here, but we did have some apple juice, which is not the same but will do in an emergency! We seem to have quite a few red squirrels around here, and they are lovely little creatures.

DENISE: No, the little red squirrel lives to tell the tale!

DIANE: Glad you enjoyed the post, and yes, there is still plenty of fruit left for the little red squirrel and all its friends to eat! Yes, we are well, and hope you are too.

MAMA PEA: Thanks for the good ideas, including the 'children's book' idea!

LOCAL ALIEN: We have not had the joy of tasting one of our peaches as they are still not ripe, but when they are........yummy!