Sunday, 12 March 2017

In the zone........

And here we are,
himself and myself,
zoned out, playing a set of jigs and reels at a friend's open mike evening.
We were in a French bar somewhere south of us, about 40 minutes drive away.
It was a fun evening.
The sheep have had fun today as well.....
they have been in the chicken run, (no chickens yet though)
... in the veg plots....

.. in the pig paddocks, (no pigs at the moment but hopefully sometime this year)

.... with an occasional stop for a drink of milk...

So what we have done is put a temporary fence across the side drive so that the sheep can graze the paths and everywhere else they can get to. Seemed a better idea to make use of the grass rather than mowing it and leaving the cuttings on the ground to rot. However, we thought that they would take at least two or three weeks to get the grass mown, but it looks not to be so because today they just did not stop eating. At this rate they will have the grass cut by the end of the week. They will also make themselves sick by overeating, so tomorrow they will have to stay in their paddock and have hay.
They will complain all day about this injustice.
But then the cows were complaining today about the injustice of having stay indoors after a day out in the front garden yesterday.
They had to be supervised though as they had several naughty moments.
So everyone has had a taste of the new spring grass which is starting to grow, which means that there will be grumbles galore when they have to stay in. We try to tell them to be patient, that the grass has to grow before they can eat it, but they don't listen.
And now I have a grumble.
Stink bugs.
I have nothing against the creatures, in fact they are quite funny to watch.
What I don't like is that they to like to land on me when I am working on my computer, and sometimes even on me. And they do not land elegantly like a fly would, but sort of crash down in a 'here I am' manner, which is startling enough, but even more startling when they land on me.
I must admit to not liking that, especially after one dropped down into my roll necked jumper, decided that it did not like being there, and then decided to squirt.
Now the smell is not that bad...whether that is because they are still in partial hibernation mode so are not at full aromatic force, or whether that is their natural squirting smell,.....however, I find it offensive because I don't want things landing on me, and then getting cross because they have got themselves into a predicament which is not my fault.
Plus I get edgy waiting for the evening visits...... at least one a night, if not two.
Lester would swot them with the fly swot, but I don't want squashed bodies everywhere, after all they are not small things and they would leave a mess, plus they might have a squirt just before they became deceased, which would then start making me sneeze.
So, I collect the evening's visitors in a jar, screw the lid down, and then down the loo they go.
They do not bite, and do not breed indoors.
All they are doing is waiting for the spring to arrive so they can go outside to eat the plants and breed.
I just wish they would not keep coming in my direction!
On the subject of veg growing..... I have just finished my seed list, and have placed an order of 300 plant pots. Nothing planted yet. Raised beds still not finished. Not to worry, we shall soon be in the full force of the growing season, so are just enjoying the feeling of still being in the slow time.
Going to go away from my computer now as do not feel up to being bombed by another stink bug,
so, bye for now,


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Well hello. I don't believe I've been here before but oh I love to check in on other homesteading, small farmer types. jealous though of all your green grass! Still sparse here in Illinois.

Cro Magnon said...

I mowed the whole garden/orchard recently; it's growing fast.

I've been putting those wretched bugs out too, one managed to squirt on my hand yesterday; not nice.

Denise said...

I thought stink bugs didn't bite either, Vera...until one bit me on the neck. It came in from the washing line on the bedding, somehow evaded being ironed, then took its revenge at 2 in the morning. I felt something crawling on my neck, tried to swipe it away, it bit, which REALLY stung, and I grabbed it and flung it across the room. When I put the light on to see what it was - well, definitely a stink bug. Looked like I'd been got at by a vampire and the mark took about three weeks to fade. And the smell....eugh! (And I was even kind enough to scoop it up and release it outside!!)

local alien said...

How wonderful to be able to play like that, entertain others and zone out as well.
Glad the grass is growing. I'm sure your seeds will do so too.
Lovely farm tale. Thanks

DUTA said...

Lovely photo of you and Lester as a couple of musicians!
Yes, the stink bugs are no laughing matter. Although not really harmful to humans, they might harm plants, and produce an offensive smell when attacked.

The Broad said...

I love the photo of you and Lester in entertainment mode! You are so lucky to be able to do that together. I just read up on stink bugs, not having come across them ...yet ... What horrible creatures!

Vera said...

DONNA, the grass on our fields is sparse as well, which is why we had to let the sheep graze the paths!

CRO MAGNON, am at this moment waiting for today's stink bug to land on sign of one yet though..... perhaps a bit early for them!

DENISE, oh dear, that was one unhappy stink bug, and one unhappy you!

LOCAL ALIEN, playing music together is such a pleasant thing to do, apart from the times when we have a 'strong conversation' about how the pieces of music should be played!

DUTA, they eat plants....and the smell? Perhaps it is because they are still in hibernation mode, but the smell is not awful...... yet!

THE BROAD, there are worse creatures than stink is just that they give off a certain smell when they are upset!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Don't think we have stink bugs here in western Canada but we do have skunks. If you get on the wrong side of a skunk well you will hate yourself for a long time. ;-)
The temp is supposed to warm up to 0C+ tomorrow here. Sure is nice to see that you have so much green where you live. Enjoy the spring and warmer weather.

Vera said...

HORST, glad we don't have skunks around here....they could out stink the stinkiest stink bug! Hope it warms up for you soon, and hope you are well....

Mama Pea said...

Oh, how our poultry would love a go at some of that green grass! All they have right now is snow, ice, mud and straw that we've strewn around in the muddiest of areas.

Love seeing the pics of your animals . . . and the one of you two creating lovely music. A video with sound would have been nice for all of us to hear!

I think you might hear me scream all the way from here is one of those stink bugs had gone down my front! Lucky they don't bit, huh? ;o}

minwks said...

Very nice to see yourself and himself entertaining and enjoying an evening with friends. B. Is learning the ukulele, we are practicing our French and in seven weeks are back onboard the boat presently stored in Maastricht.
My garlic is coming up and the buds on the plum tree are swelling. I noticed forsythia beginning to bloom as well as the sweet little daffodils tete-te-tete . Presently in full grandparent mode as it is Spring Break so have three extra in the house. Lots of fun!
Enjoy these quiet moments before the planting season gets under way.
Take care both.
Regards Janine in Tsawwassen Canada 9C today.

Vera said...

MAMA PEA, I must admit to doing a bit of yelling when stink bugs land on me, even though it says in the book that they don't bite!

JANINE, our fruit trees are coming into blossom now, but no daffs or forsythia here. This is something I hope to remedy this year. No garlic either because we only seem to be able to grow miniscule bulbs which are not worth harvesting!
Hope you have a lovely Spring Break with your family, and hope your ears stay patient with listening to B play the ukulele. Lester plays the mandolin as well as the violin, but has now transferred himself to playing the guitar, which I much prefer as it is much kinder on my ears!

Kerry said...

I had one in the kitchen today and had no idea that's what they are called. I popped him or her out in the garden, no smell so I assume it was a happy stink bug :)

Diane said...

Bet that was a really fun evening in the French bar, I would have enjoyed that.
We are digging the garden over ready for planting. The garlic and Broad beans are looking good though both planted before we went off for our African holiday. Take care Diane

Vera said...

KERRY, I used to put them outside as well, but then found out that they eat plants and also lay their eggs on them, so now I decease them as I don't want to encourage the population to grow!

DIANE, we haven't got a winter harvest this year, but are soon going to be planting out next year's winter crop!