Saturday, 6 February 2016

Etceltera , carpal tunnel, lambs.

Not a very good photo, but it is a photograph of a poster,
and on the poster it says:
+ EtCelterra.
7th February 2016
17h Garlin Church.
Free entry.
So for why would I be posting up a photo of a poster?
Because.....Etcelterra is the name of the band that Lester and I play in,
(fiddle and mandolin for himself, and piano accordion for me)
and it is our first gig.
Not sure what a Gospel choir is going to make of our rollicking version of 'Whiskey in the Jar',
but not to worry,
I am sure it will be alright.
I hope!
We are booked to play at three more gigs already this year.
Was taking the washing in from the clothes line,
all of a hurry because I was at a critical point with making today's cheese,
when I heard the tiniest of little sounds,
sounds which sent me scurrying out to the sheep paddock.
Two little black and white lambs, and another lamb recently arrive
 It is lovely to have lambs again.
Could watch for ages the skipping and hopping as the lambs go into frisky mode.
Doesn't last long though, maybe for a month or so,
then they start eating grass and stop frisking,
although will still have 'end of day' sessions,
when the lambs all band together and go into hooligan mode.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, that is what I have got in my wrists.
No operation though, no sir!
Did a hunt on the Internet and found a vid made by someone who corrected the problem himself by doing simple stretch exercises.
Have been doing them, and my wrists are now more workable,
which is a good thing, because I am playing the accordion tomorrow with the band.
I would look a bit silly sitting with an accordion on my lap and not playing it.
Lester has the lead on most of the music because the fiddle player does not want to do gigs any more, but still comes to rehearsals, so Lester is stepping into the gap.
It is a good thing that he is experienced with playing in a band.
As for me, I don't take the lead on anything,
so I can relax and enjoy playing.


Off out to lunch today,
followed by a trip to the local garden centre,
because Spring is rolling in fast,
and we need to get going with planting things.
Lester is taking control of the garden this year.
I expect there will be a few battles about where things will be put.
He is a 'tidy' gardener, I am a 'grow anywhere' type of gardening person.

The sun is shining,
the birds are singing,
everything is starting to want to bust out into new growth,
which is good,
however, in the background of our minds is the fact that this warm weather is pushing things on far too early. Ah well, not to worry. It is as it is.

Bye for now,


Kerry said...

Glad your self-help has made your wrist well enough to play tomorrow. Have a great evening and hope to see photos here soon.

Vera said...

KERRY, bless you, and thanks.

Jean said...

Good luck with the gigs.
I do hope you can fix your wrist problem using natural methods rather than surgery. Good luck with that too.
The sound of newborn lambs is so uplifting and I adore seeing them gambolling in the fields, an expression of pure joy in being alive I suspect.

Vera said...

JEAN, thanks...... I wasn't feeling nervous about tomorrow's gig up until half an hour or so ago, and now I have the start of butterflies in the tum!

Cro Magnon said...

If I could get onto my patch to rotovate I'd put in my red onions, but it's all a bit damp. It's raining here this morning so it'll have to wait some more.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Vera, once you start playing at your gig you will forget about your butterflies and really enjoy yourself, like you always do. Have lots of fun.

Vera said...

CRO MAGNON, we are not sure as to whether to get things planted and hope for the best, or wait until what we consider to be 'the proper time'!

HORST, butterflies in the tum! Worse in the hours before a gig, but, as you say, once up on that stage they are forgotten in the joy of playing music!

DUTA said...

As instrumental music players, you two should protect your hands as much as possible.
Perhaps a helper on the farm could provide the solution.

Diane said...

Wish I had found exercises on the internet when I had Carpal Tunnel. It was a horrible op and it took me ages before I could as much as open a bottle top again. I had mine done 30 odd years ago and don't think at that stage we even owned a computer! Good luck and I hope for you that the exercises work. Hope you had a great evening. Diane

Vera said...

DUTA, we are hoping to have help on the farm eventually, but first we have to sort out accommodation for that person! I agree about our hands.....and we do look after them as best we can.

DIANE, I refused to think that the problem with my wrists might be Carpal Tunnel after I read your blog, my thoughts being one of horror at having to have an operation such as you had to have. But my wrists were not getting any better, so I finally did an internet search to confirm that Carpal Tunnel was what I had, then on to YouTube to see if I could find a solution. My wrists are slowly healing, but it is going to take a long time, but much better than having operations on both wrists which would put me out of action for a long time, as well you know! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Carpet Tunnel Syndrome!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Recently one of my students had an operation for her carpal tunnel. Hope you don't need to go that route. Wish I could have come to your concert!

Vera said...

LISA, would have loved to have you come along as well. As for carpal tunnel, hopefully mine will heal by exercise as I really do not want an operation!