Wednesday 25 September 2013

Itsy bitsy Butterfly

Oh itsy bitsy butterfly
flitting here,
flitting there,
just a murmer on the breeze, 
that is what you are.

Oh itsy bitsy butterfly,
it is nice to see you fly,
so delicate,
so graceful,
so full of eggs,
which simply have to be laid
ones, twos, threes, or more,
all in a neat little row,
this I have discovered,
as I observe my once rampant cabbages,
the spines of which are still in situ
but the leaves are now all gone,
gone away into the hungry mouths
of the itsy bitsy butterfly's progeny,
some of which are now swimming in the watering can,
hopefully never to munch on my cabbages
ever again, 
for I have deceased this progeny,
yes I have.

Oh itsy bitsy butterfly,
there are other nursery spots to be found,
but not in my veg plot,
and not on my three remaining cabbages,
for I shall call war down upon your caterpillar littl'uns,
but not with sprays and poisons,
but with my fingers,
for I shall deftly pluck each one
from the cabbage leaf upon which it is gorging,
and decease it.

So on you go little itsy bitsy butterfly,
to live your life to the full,
and lay your eggs in profusion,
but not in my veg plot,
not this year,
after all,
I have only three cabbages left,
so please spare them.


John Going Gently said...

Not a cabbage left in bosoms Vera
Not a cabbage left

rusty duck said...

Good humour is essential for a gardener & veggie grower.
And butterfly netting.
Thanks for the smile :)

Vera said...

John, oh well done you and I for contributing to the continuing well being of the butterfly population!

Jessica, I did have some butterfly netting, but it was put away somewhere safe, I do not know where though!

The Broad said...

Well said, Vera -- and very funny...

Vera said...

The Broad, glad I made you smile!

Rhodesia said...

Ha ha, well said. Have a good day.