Friday, 30 August 2013

Fresh air?

Someone, a friend, said that I was like a breath of fresh air.
'What a compliment', I thought. 
But then my thoughts took me further -
and they landed up with:
'Strooth, but that is a responsibility',
because what happens when I run out of puff,
when the wind is out of my sales,
like it often does,
what then.

I don't know why my friend thought this of me,
all I was doing was gabbling on in my normal manner,
reciting tales of smallholding doings,
the ups and downs,
the achievements, the non-achievements,
being honest,
as I always am, 
not putting a spiel on smallholding life,
not dressing it up to appear other than what it is, 
which is flipping hard work
interspersed with magic moments,
like the moments of gratefulness shown by animals towards their carers,
like the harvest coming in,
like seeing the little piggies romping,
the sheep charging over to where the acorns are starting drop,
of a goat who was ornery when she arrived here, but now isn't,
of a male goat who wants to do his thing,
of big puppy dogs romping in the river,
of Bools, now getting older,
of his longer sleeping hours,
of his deafness,
seeing him bowing out,
from life.



John Going Gently said...

A breath of fresh air ?
Oh yes
And a positive roe model too

Vera said...

John, thanks, you are so sweet. Vx

Denise said...

Now I am sure I remember you saying once upon a time that you weren't going to run out of puff until you were at least 100 years old! Plenty of time left yet!

Vera said...

Denise, oh, I had forgotten about that. Can I shorten that to 99 years and three quarters? Ta. x

Horst in Edmonton said...

Oh Vera, we all have our good and bad days. As long as there are many more good days than bad, then life is at it's best.

Just home from Hip surgery and recovery hospital. Life is starting to look good again. Vera, you have yourself a great weekend.

Vera said...

Horst, I wondered what had happened to you, so glad to have you back in touch. Hope you are in good spirits, and that you heal soon. Sending you a bucketful of blessings. Vx

Diane said...

I am sure you will never run out of puff, you seem to keep going through thick and thin regardless. So long as you are enjoying life that is the main thing and it sound like you are. Have a great week Diane

Vera said...

Diane, I am having the best time of my life, and hope you are too.