Monday, 8 July 2013

Oooh, that was a bit scary!

Our bees have been buzzing, so it looks like they are surviving.
Kept forgetting to give them some more 'upstairs' space,
but finally did last night.
(The 'upstairs' space is for food (honey) storage.)

So what you do is:
1) Prepare their new storage box (a 'super')
2) Leave it somewhere prominent to remind one's self that it needs putting on the hive.
3) Keep shifting the super about the place because it keeps getting in the way.
4) Find the beekeeping kit. Takes a while. Kept forgetting to have a hunt for it.
5) Make a firm intent as to day and time to get the super on, as bees heavily foraging the mallow. 
6) Put the kit on. 
7) Light the smoking implement, several times.
8) With smoker in hand, approach the hive.
9) Make a retreat because have forgotten the super.
10) Try and think of something else to do other than this task,which is far more urgent. This is called avoidance. 
Can't think of anything else which is need of our urgent attention other than this task, 
so carry on.
11) Approach the hive carrying the super and all other equipment.
12) Put the super down beside the hive.
13) Feel all of a quiver because the bees suddenly look huge.
14) Press on with task. 
15) Relight the smoking implement which has gone out. 
6) Aim the smoke in the general direction of the hive. 
Not to worry if a puff of wind blows it in the opposite direction. 
Try again.
16) Lift lid of hive off, or try to. Bees now know they have visitors. 
17) Lid off. Oh strooth, bees inside the feeder box. 
18) Quick, put new super and top lid back on. 
20) Evacuate position.
19) Have a rethink. Super should be beneath the feeder box.
20) Strooth. Thought the job was finished. 
21) Make a return to hive. 
22) Wave smoker about (supposed to calm bees down)
23) Take lid off hive, take super off, take feed box off.
24) Panic. The hive is full to the brim with bees. 
25) Don't have time to be pleased that the swarm is surviving, as now have oodles of nervous energy, so super, feeder box, and lid back on, evacuate tout suite because bees now getting irritated. 
26) Back in house, beekeeping kit off, hive tools put away. Promise to have another look at the hive at the beginning of August, which seems a nice long way away at the moment.

Oooh, but it was a scary moment when we saw zillions of bees rather than the few we expected, but it looks like the Bee Project is happening.

It is 6 am, and I am off to cut some grass to give to Elise before she has her grain and is milked, in the hopes that she will stand still for longer when being milked.
(My thanks to a fellow blogger who gave us the idea to do this)


Rhodesia said...

Rather you than me. Bees and I do not see eye to eye and I am allergic to them as well. I do love honey though but I will stick with buying it me thinks! Hope the week is a good one. Diane

Vera said...

Rhodesia, hope you have a good week too. As for bees? They are OK once you understand them!

rusty duck said...

Crikey I didn't realise you had bees. A lot, by the sound of it! I find them fascinating, but from a safe distance..

Vera said...

Jessica, the hive is doing well at the moment, so perhaps next year we shall have honey!

Jean said...

I love bees, but from a very, very safe distance. You are very brave to tackle a hive I think.
I love to see and hear them in our garden and we seem to have lots more this year.

Vera said...

Jean, we also love to hear the buzz of bees, and the fact that you have more bees this year suggest that you have a hive nearby to you which it thriving, which is good to know because the bees are under enormous threat!