Monday 4 June 2012

Just to say.....

Just to say, that......

I have had a shower.
Yes I have!
A real proper shower,
..not one like I had when we first arrived,
with the water being heated up in a black plastic bag,
this shower being called a 'camping shower'.
It was alright a couple of times,
having a shower in the open air
with the sun shining
and the bees buzzing
with Lester keeping an eye out for any unexpected human visitors.
And then there was the caravan shower
and oh what a squeeze of a place to shower in that was,
and then the boiler broke so that was that.
For a while there was a flannel and bowl.
For most of my time here, it has been thus so,
although friends fitted a little hot water boiler in the house
which at that time did not have a roof
so it was a 'fresh air' shower for quite some time until the roof was fixed.
I did not like that shower.
The water was undecided as to whether it was going to be very hot or very cold,
and standing in a plastic box,
holding the shower nozzle in one hand,
fiddling about with the cold water tap and the hot water tap with the other,
no, it was not my preferred choice of keeping clean,
so a  flannel and bowl it was for me,
except in the very  coldest of winter weather
when I often became lax
and went au naturelle.
I have a shower,
a proper shower,
because our hot water and cold water are all fixed,
and the bathroom is finished,
and so I had a shower,
a proper shower,

The loo flushes.
Yes, it does.
I can sit on the loo
and 'go',
then get off,


Diane said...

Well done, so happy that all is fixed and working. Life will be wonderful for you now :) You have been through a lot over the past years, things can only get better now. Diane

Denise said...


Tommo said...


Tommo said...


Niall & Antoinette said...

Three cheers for the plumbing!! May you enjoy many a delightful shower from now on :-)

Horst in Edmonton said...

What a delight it must be to finally have everything working and finished in the bathroom. I'm very happy for you and your hubby that things are finally getting together in your house and small holding.

SueC said...

so pleased to hear about the momentous plumbing achievements - petit a petit!!

DUTA said...

No more camping shower, caravan shower, free shower.
Back to civilization with a proper shower and loo.

I like the stanza-style of your post. It marks the new turning point in your life.

Vera said...

Diane, Thankyou.

Denise, Thank you too!

Tommo, .....and thank you too!

Niall & Antoinette, I don't think I shall ever take having a proper bathroom for granted ever again!

Horst, it is an absolute delight to have a proper bathroom again!

SueC, indeed 'petit et petit' is important when trying to get a smallholding and a ruin of a house up and running!

Duta, Whooppeeee! A proper shower and a loo is indeed important to have. And you are right, we feel very much that we at a turning point in our life here.

John Going Gently said...

congratulations in your arrival to the 20th century!
I am made up for you

Vera said...

John, yes indeed, we now have 'modern' facilities! It is a relief.....

Jean said...

Brilliant !! Great news. Your absolute joy is almost tangible and I am thrilled for you - I can imagine EXACTLY how you must have felt.

Now to catch up on your other posts having been sans internet whilst chez nous en vacances........where's that glass of wine and cushion........