Monday 11 October 2010

Message to Roz

Thanks for  your concern, Roz, but I'm still here, although somewhat frazzled. Will let you know what we have been up to soon. Lots. Hence the frazzlement of moi.


We are in the house!!!!


We have new additions


Oodles and oodles of dust abound everywhere.
Absolutely everywhere
Like as if a Sahara sandstorm has blown through the house.

Not to worry

Thanks to angels Val and Ron
Who blew up the storm
Which signalled the arrival of our windows

Our Windows!



Our loo
But only half a loo
Nevertheless, we have a loo.

No more porta pottying
That is a blessing. 

No more empty spaces where our windows should be
That is equal a blessing.

So yippeeing, and more yippeeeeeeessss. 
Still frazzled but happily so. 

Hope you are well Roz, and will catch up with your blogs, and everyone elses soon. Thankyou for watching out for my blogs, as it is always encouraging to know that one's blogs are read. Did think I might close the blog down, but these words for you arrived in my head this morning. Writing, for me, is like having words posted in to my mind, and today some were posted in, so I guess the blog is to continue.

Anyway, I must continue on with the conquering of the mini Sahara-effect which is still overlaying everything, so bye for now



Diane said...

I am glad Roz has been in touch, she beat me to it by a short margin. I was also getting worried. Glad to hear all is well. Diane

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,
Oh I do hope that you will keep this blog going!! It is always so cheering to read it.
Great news about the windows and the loo.
Ondine xx

Roz said...

YAY, HURRAH AND YAY!!!! Progress is a wonderful thing - good for the soul!! I look forward to hearing all about it. Don't give up on your blog, it's a fantastic read and I would miss it terribly.
Big hug and well done for all your hard work x

Ken Devine said...

So pleased that there are some real comforts in time for winter. When is a loo only half a loo? Are you not feeling flush?

Don't ever think of deserting us Vera. We enjoy immensely reading about what you are doing and the way you write about it.

Vera said...

Hi Diane: Thanks for your concern. We are still afloat, although dustily so! Hope you are well.

Roz: Thanks for the hug. Much needed.

Ken: A half loo? Well it's when the bottom bit you sit on is in situ, but the top bit which holds the flushing water isn't. So its a hand-fill job! And thanks for your kind words.

Ondine: Hi! Glad my blog cheers you up, and will make an earnest endeavour to keep it going.

Sheila said...

Count me as another "keep blogging" vote.

We'll be patient if you don't have time
to post frequently -- but must say that I was
also curious/concerned about your absence.

DUTA said...

Blogging does take a lot of time (at least in my case where I still have to struggle to find the right english word). Yet when we take a break, we miss it and want back.
I believe you''ll go on with blogging and delight your readers with your humor and wit.

Vera said...

Sheila: Thankyou for your encouragement, and once the dust is lessened I shall start posting again. Now where did I leave my duster........!!

Duta: Ah, blessings to you. I have had trouble getting your blog up on my screen of late, but was pleased to see that the glich seems to have sorted itself out and I was able to read your latest blog. And I think your command of English is great, and far better than my efforts at French. And you are right about blogging. It takes such effort write the posts, but when one steps back, then one does start missing both the writing and the friends one makes amongst the blogging community.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Vera,
I'll second everything Ken says in his post, and I look forward to reading your next entry.
In the meantime I am keeping my spirits up with some Taylors port and chocs, but still missing your adventures!
Best wishes,
Ondine xx

Vera said...

Hi once again Ondine: Mmmmm, this 'Taylors port and chocs' sounds very do-able! Having to make do with milky coffee and home made cake, which just does not have the same ring as your method of comfort food! Ah well, will post a blog soon. And thanks for chivvying me up - sometimes it is useful to have someone giving a bit of a nudge - sort of lends energy to trying to find some inspiration. Blessings to you, and have a good weekend.Vx