Wednesday 20 January 2010

Things that came out of the cooker's bottom

This is what came out of the cooker's bottom.

Investigations from super slooth Boolie proved to be of minimal help.

Despite the fact that super slooth Bools and co-partner Gussy had spent the previous hour in the land of nod, tucked up beside the calor gas heater giving themselves a pleasant roasting.

They had, after all, been exhausting themselves trundling after me as I to'd and fro'd between the kitchen caravan and the house relocating my kitchen equipment because I got into a blinder of a mood about the cramped cooking environment I had been working in for months. 
Into the house I moved my kitchen stuff.
But not the caravan cooker. 
That is never to be used again, it's reluctant slowness to cook being its downfall.
I have another cooker. Needed a bit of a clean-up having been basking in the awning for ages since it was delivered by Val and Ron up in the Charente.
That is to be my ongoing cooking machine.

"Oh, Lester, do you think we can move the cooker into the house?" 
My crispness of tone required of him immediate response. 
He responded.

Into the house we carried the cooker.
Almost done.
Got to the doorway, lost a bit of a grip.
It was, after all, an awkward cooking machine to carry it being heavy and cumbersome so it was to be partially expected that my hands would eventually do a bit of a 'let's go on strike' action and stop carrying the cooking machine.
Which they did.

As the cooking machine slips sideways from out of my grip, 
so there was an almighty clatter.
Hubs was pretty well steaming by now, 
him being a man who does manly things like keeping hold of a cooking machine heavy though it may be. 
He was not amused at my ineptitude.

And then everything seemed to go weird as we viewed the cause of the clatter. 
It was the bottom which had dropped out of the cooker
And in it was what looked like
Angels Wings.

Yes, it did. It did. It did. 
The bottom drawer of the cooking machine had a pair of wings in it.
Devoid of a body to fly
Now redundant
 Their job apparently having been done.

For several minutes we stood and surveyed the wings,
Lost for words really,
Which is not usual for either Hubs
or me.

OK, so they were not your big sized angels wings.
Just little ones.
Nevertheless, they looked like they should be flying
Not left

We left them where they lay,

Getting on with our 'removal men' training.

But cooker cleaned up real good.

Et voila!

My first proper cake bake, despite the fact that as the cakes were cooling down Hubs made a complaint:
"Why are all the birds flying in the house and eating those cakes"
On investigation, they had indeed been starting to eat the cakes before us!


Hubs fetched one of the wheelbarrows parked up outside the house,
clattered the tray of wings into it, and off to the compost heap those wings did go.

So were they angels wings?
Possibly not.
But they did once fly something.

And a Thought:

Actually I haven't got one. Just seemed a bit odd that the house was full of little creatures who were flying on useable wings, feeding from off the top of the cooker which had delivered unto us from its bottom a pair of wings which needed a new owner.

And so life goes on down in its normal hum drum way down here in SW France.


DUTA said...

I like to imagine the two dogs warming up near the gas heater. How cute!
As for the cooker, I wish you Good Luck with it! ( I try not to think of the wings on its bottom).

Have a Blessed Day!

Barry said...

Too small for angels. Fairies maybe?

Roz said...

How very bizzare - although when we had the geese 'done' for Christmas we were told that apparently the wings make a 'useful tool' for sweeping down of surfaces?! Possible I suppose..
I love the photos - it's nice to glimpse into other peoples lives - I always was nosy!!xx

Vera said...

Roz, are these geese wings then? Oh! Not 'baby angels wings' then? Oh drattens!
I'm so like you when it comes to having a look at other people's lives. It's not being 'nosy', it's just being very, very, very interested in what they are up to!Love it!

Vera said...

Ah-Ha, Barry. I think you have cracked it! 'Fairy' wings they are. Roz thought that they might be goose wings, but 'fairy wings', now that seems more like it!

Vera said...

Thanks for your blessings, Duta. I love to watch the dogs when they are snoozing by the fire - makes me feel very warm and cosy inside. Thanks for the 'good luck' re: the cooker. I think I need it! But haven't as yet found any other bits of it which are housing other things - but you never know, it might surprise me yet!

Roz said...

No, I don't think they are goose wings - maybe chickens? a poor persons brush perhaps! Difficult to say without measuring the things. Lets just settle with the fairies!!