Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The sun came out today,
And we roasted for a while,
Then the weather did a sharp turn,
and the air became scented with the sharp chill
of nearby mountains which were being snowed on,
But not here, in the distance,

And the chattering of the sparrows,
which are my favourite birds,
and who are doing well here,
because of the leavings of our animals.
The chattering about the doings of the day,
that is what I heard
as I stood beside the big bay hedge,
waiting for Lester
to bring Bonny
in from the field.

We are giving the sheep hay now,
so no more maize when they come in at night.
Twinny almost did a left turn,
it being quite clearly a thought that was in her head,
that if she did a sharp turn right,
that she might be able to sneak into the goat's pen,
to eat their maize, 
only she would have been disappointed,
because they are having hay as well now. 
Sheep are not silly or daft,
they just don't think like we do.

So lots of hoorays today,
and another one,
because we soaked some sun up today!
Did you manage to get a drop of sun today as well?


John Gray said...

Did I manage to have a bit of sun today?


Horst in Edmonton said...

So glad to hear that you have sunny days there. Here we are knee deep in snow and -30 at night. normal for our winters here in Edmonton, Canada. Getting my plug ins ready for the SUV I've managed to buy, old but in good shape. Starts real good in this weather without pluging it in but must be ready just in case it gets even colder. Vera you Have a great weekend and what ever is left of this week.

Vera said...

Horst, crikey, your winter weather seems a bit on the fierce side. But what is a SUV?

John, would have parcelled a drop of sun and posted it off to you if I could!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi again Vera, My vehicle is a 96 Ford Explorer. An SUV is a 4 wheel drive vehicle that looks like a Jeep but bigger. It's enclosed like a van but has 4 wheel drive.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Oh yes it can be fierce here but we are used to it and are prepared for the winter.