Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The first breath of full on winter

So all the night long it has been pouring with rain,
although we slept, sort of,
the little piglets, down in the their woodland pen,
were on our minds.
They only have a small shelter,
just enough for the time being,
not enough for much longer,
so soon, 
to spare them the harshness of winter,
they will go into the freezer.

And today everyone is indoors,
today being the first proper day of winter,
although the temperatures are not low yet,
it is a wet and grey day,
which makes one feel cold,
even if one isn't.
All have hay and straw,
all look snug enough to cuddle up to.

So today it is a raid on the food supplies,
to open up a jar or two of  summer deliciousness.
Already I have tried the cherries,
canned back in early summer,
and they are a success.
Dehydrating them was not so much of a success,
because they took a long time to dry,
although they still taste good.

And this experiment turned out alright too,...

One farmhouse cheddar, just three months old, 
stored wrapped in olive oil soaked muslin,
and left in the bottom of the fridge,
and mostly forgotten about.
Half was grated and put in the freezer,
the other half is being eaten,
and fast.
Also eating a brine cheese,
 and just made a brine soaked caerphilly.
Gathering experience as I go,
I think I can make cheese now.

...and our first harvest of kiwis...

...small and few they may be,
but they are home grown!

And this contribution to the kitchen...
...one tinsy little egg,
with a pimple of a yolk inside.
Must have been a first effort from one of the young hens,
so to respect that effort,
I put in on top of a meat pie:
 .... not exactly the prettiest of pies,
but it was yummy,
the pastry being made with sheep fat,
which was an experiment,
but it worked.

Lissie is odd at the moment.
After having a mad day a couple of days ago,
she has gone quiet,
not eating much,
not giving much milk.
We wait to see if she is in calf. 
I have just been into her pen,
to have a girl talk chat,
about this and that.
Girls need a bit of attention,
whatever their species.

Now off to raid the larder,
bye for now,


John Gray said...

That pie lookalike my quiche that never gets judged in the annual village show

rusty duck said...

A bit of girly support is a good idea.
Poor Lissie, what she's been through in recent weeks (rubber gloves etc etc..). It's no wonder she's a bit odd.
Great news on the cheese and canning though. Success!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Vera, looks like you are going to be a great cheese maker. Have a wonderful week.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

As always a great posy. Hope this continuous rain stops soon we have now had more than enough!! Keep well Diane

Vera said...

John, but I bet that your quiche tasted real good!

Jessica, it might have well been those rubber gloves!

Horst, thanks.

Diane, rain has now eased off, so hope it has done the same for your area as well.