Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A new addition

'Twas a wet windy day yesterday,
with tons of rain falling,
which sent the river up high,
so just as well the removal of the beach was finished 
otherwise we might have joined in
with the river.

Not to worry,
still dry,
so stop worrying Vera,
the weather conditions at the start of the year
were unusual.
Everyone says so.
And no water came into the house,
or into the animal pens,
therefore to put aside these worrisome thought,
that perhaps
we might
float away.

And then the phone rang.
Ah, a man wanting instructions,
which he followed,
and so he came:

.... and unloaded,
and puffed and pulled his way across the mud: fetch up at the front door,
with Lester,
who was helping,
by puffing and shoving.

..... and then into  the house....

.... to be then parked up....

....with the other big parcel,
which is the first parcel's sister parcel,
because they are to be joined together,

....and a peak inside the first parcel,
to check that all was well,

.... and Lester having a fiddle with the right hand side..

.... and Lester having a fiddle with the left hand side..

.... all of which combines to make this bit of kit: brand new Rayburn wood burning stove!

Now the panic of having to read instructions,
about what holes to make in the ceiling,
and roof,
of how to join up all the pipes,
some to go to the boiler,
some to go to a couple of radiators,
some to go upwards to the sky,
and must build a cement plinth,
so that the cooker can sit higher,
and its great to have it here,
we no longer have to be worried about where it was,
as it travelled the length of France,
from England,
and it was worth the money,
because now the cutting of wood
is providing good exercise,
and a reason to go buy 
a man sized chain saw,
which can hardly be lifted,
because it is so heavy,
but not to worry,
muscles will build,
mmmmm, lovely,
but not mine though,
I can touch the chainsaw,
but must not use it,
under instructions from Lester,
who at this moment is perusing,
and worrying,
and complaining,
and swearing,
about the task of installing the Rayburn,
because he has decided to do it himself,
and well done Lester,
because life should be a learning curve,
and with your efforts,
and my Mum's contribution,
I have a Rayburn woodburning stove
upon which I can lean by chilly botty,
when the weather is cold!



rusty duck said...

Yay !!!!!

Vera said...

Jessica, Yay indeed!!!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I am so jealous. I had a wood burning stove, all be it a very old edition, in Rhodesia. The flavours that came out of it beat an electric stove any day. Enjoy. Have a good day Diane

Vera said...

Diane, thanks for that. I've never had a wood burning stove so this is a new learning curve for me, but my instincts tell me that I shall be alright with it. Looking forward to exploring its capabilities! Hope your day is going well.

Jean said...

How wonderful !!
I am quite envious, having a Rayburn has always been my dream.

Jean said...

Vera, you may not be worried about this but your address is clearly visible in one of the photos. You could blur it out using your photo editing tool on your computer I think.

I don't always subscribe to the theory that there are nutters reading every post waiting to find out where we live, but you never know.
All the best,
Jean. xx

Vera said...

Jean, thanks for bringing to my attention the visibility of our address. I had a fun five minutes erasing it via photoshop!
I am looking forward to cooking on the Rayburn, and feel blessed that I am able to do so in this lifetime!

The Broad said...

Good luck, Vera -- that's quite a learning curve -- for both of you!

Denise said...

I believe 'tis traditional to warm up orphan lambs in the bottom part of an Aga. The biggest animal I have ever had to keep warm was a three week old kitten, and I found my brassiere sufficed for that jobbie. I wonder what you might need to warm up an orphaned calf. Or heffalump??

John Gray said...

I am soooo jealous!

Vera said...

The Broad, ...and the next part of the learning curve is to get the Rayburn assembled!

Denise, hi! Hope your birthday weekend went well.

John, yes but would you fancy hefting a chainsaw to cut wood!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

WOW that stove in insane! completely jealous... and still cheering for you. i cant wait to see how you use it for cooking!

ps i'm not allowed to use the chainsaw either. but buying the best one we could was our very best idea - its worth its considerable weight in gold. or so i'm told by my husband.
pss he even told the neighbors to call him if i try and sneak using it when he's not around. can you believe it? the thought had never crossed my mind.

Vera said...

Ohiofarmgirl, looking forward to having a go with that Rayburn, but am glad to leave the chainsaw to Lester because it is sooooo heavy, even he has trouble lifting it at the moment! But those muscles he will build! Wow!

Kev Alviti said...

I'd love one! We used to have a look-a-like at mum and dads and it was great to warm your mum on when you'd been outside feeding the sheep! I think you could do with a bit of stone outside your front door!

Vera said...

Kev, to tell you the truth, we are getting fed up with the mud and we aren't even into proper winter yet!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Nice!! It's one of those things I've always dreamed of having. Rented a cottage once which had one and cooking on it was great!

Vera said...

Niall & Antoinette, looking forward to having a go with the cooker ... everyone is saying how nice it is to cook on and what lovely flavours the food has.