Thursday, 28 November 2013

No stiffo!

Looking at the side field, frost heavy on the ground, where is she, the goat who did a naughty last night, is she a stiffo?

Nooooo! Here she is, all feet pointing downwards, and in motion.

....but she was shivering! So I had a talk with her, and said that perhaps she should be more willing to go with the flow when Lester fetches her in from the field at night. I said that it was not worth being cold to the bone, which she obviously was, as her shivers were quite something to behold. But the sun was up, and it turned out to be a cheerfully sunny day, so soon she would have got warmer and forgotten about her cold night, but hopefully kept a modicum of memory in her head to stop her from doing another naughty tonight.

I hope yesterday went well for you, and that today goes even better. 



leon sims said...

Typical teenager

Vera said...

Hi Leon, well Blackie isn't a teenager, but she is having a littl'un so perhaps its her hormones which are playing her up!

Denise said...

Phew! I have been fretting about that goat. She is clearly made of stern stuff!

rusty duck said...

Well, I hope that's a lesson well and truly driven home. The views across the field are lovely.

Vera said...

Jessica, the lesson has been learnt! But there is now a reverse lesson, because Blackie would not come out at all this morning because it was warmer indoors!

Vera said...

Denise, we are all made of the 'sterner' stuff here!