Friday, 22 November 2013

Dropping everything

It had to be done.....

...a drop of sun, 
and all four of us crammed on to the front step,
me to do my knitting,
instead of doing stuff in the kitchen,
the dogs taking time off,
instead of cleaning up the drippings on to the floor,
which always happens
when I am cooking,
and all of us turning our faces towards the sun
for a wee roasting,
before we go back to work 
in the kitchen,
and the sun goes back behind the clouds.


Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay! great pic! enjoy the sun!

John Gray said...

Those puppies are bloody handsome

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wonderful that you got some time to sit and enjoy the Sun on the front step. The dogs look great on guard duty. Here In Edmonton, Canada it has been snowing steady for the
last week. The city has graders going full tilt 24 hrs for the last week hopefully it stops soon. When the sun comes out I will take a few photos outside to show all of my bloggers the amount of snow that we got since the last post. Have a great weekend and have fun in the Sun.

Denise said...

We are sun roasting today, having been buffeted by wind for most of the week. Lovely and sunny here - clear blue sky gorgeousness! Daisy and Primrose are very much enjoying the respite especially as Daisy is lacking in feathers at the mo!

rusty duck said...

10 deg C was the best we could do today, and most of the time well below that. Enjoy!

Vera said...

Ohiofarmgirl, I did!

John, those rottweiller girls are handsome aren't they!

Horst, looking forward to seeing those photos just so I can appreciate not having to slip and slide all about the place, although mud can be just as slippery underfoot, and it is not as pretty to look at!

Denise, I am glad I capture that moment for a quick sun bathe as weather has been not nice at all every since! Glad you got to have a roast as well though.

Jessica, we are down in the lower temperatures as well now, so I am glad that I took the moment to drop everything and enjoy the sun!