Friday, 29 November 2013

The owld dooor.........

..... and here be ye owlde door,
'tis a door which has seen much life,
as can be clearly seen....

And this door is well ventilated,
so fresh air
can easily blow
through the house,
thus ensuring a healthy living
for all inside....

But now is the time of the cold,
so all those inside
need for the fresh flow of air
to be stopped.

Et voila!

Take one old caravan curtain,
unpick it, rip it, stitch it back up.
Sew strips of old duvet cover up top.
Take one broom.
Put DIY curtain on broom.
Get one chair.
Stand on chair.
Heave heavily laden broom upwards.
Curtain falls off broom.
Oh ******
Lester is now called.
Stands on chair.
Broom now reloaded with curtain.
Broom wedged in place,
for a few seconds.
Broom wedged back up,
string tied to one end.

Et Voila!!!!

An owlde curtain,
held up by an owlde broom,
covering an owlde door,
in an owdle hoose.

And thus it is that
we carry on



rusty duck said...

Oh you are a clever owlde broom... sorry, stick!

Vera said...

Jessica, merci!

Kev Alviti said...

I'd say change the door! Or at least nail a strip up it for the winter!

Vera said...

Hi Kev, ah well, you are right,....change the door! We well....eventually!

Rhodesia said...

Love it, what a great idea and just look how much you have saved :-) Have a good week Diane