Friday, 16 January 2015

We couldn't do it! But Jim does!!

And so it came to the second day of the demise of the goats.
Two now in the freezer, two more to go.
I stood ready to help Lester,
round the corner of the hay bales he came,
with Blossom in tow.
I could see by his face that it was hard for him,
after all we had raised her,
and named her.
But it was her time, 
so we did the job.

One left to do.
So indoors for a cup of tea, delaying, that is what we were doing.
So I stood and waited for Lester,
and round the corner of the hay bales he came,
with the red goat in tow.
We looked at each other,
we looked at the goat,
she looked at us.
"We could put her in with the sheep," I said.
So we did.

Goats and us do not work here.
But we still have one.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen,

.... and Builder Jim works a miracle,
and water flows!
Crikey, a proper sink with proper taps, and a proper work surface!

....which won't be used yet because the oak needs oiling,
but I can wait.
I have the curtains to make for the front openings anyway,
and the shelves still need to be made.
But wow!

And its the turn of Smeggy today,
who is having a work top put in beside her.

And we have rescued the table and chairs from beneath a pile of packing boxes.
We brought it from the UK with us,
and it has somehow managed to survive despite all that has been done to it.
It fits well in the kitchen, so there it will stay.

And Bools and Blue having a lovey dovey moment.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kitchen Project.......yippeeee!

So the kitchen is moving forward,
but the Rayburn Project is, at least for the moment, not.

But not to worry, all the pipe work for the Rayburn will get done,
but other things are happening,
such as a door being fitted between kitchen and dining room,
and the sink being put in,

and the work surfaces being sorted out....

...and the hallway is no longer the home of the Rayburn,
but is the home for the wood for the kitchen......

...while I, meanwhile, float here and there,
trying not to get in the way of the work being done,
but still having to keep the home, (kitchen included) functioning.

We have had lots of sun this winter,
so I often retreat to the front garden for a bit of lawn cutting,
just to try and keep everything control before the madness of the spring growth,
which sends the front garden
into a sea of deep meadow grass,
which then has to be cut with the scythe,
but hopefully will not have to be,
if I can keep mowing it.

And for Lester's parents...

...Lester and the Rayburn!

Bye for now,

(and whispering ever so quietly that the sink might be put in today!)


Thursday, 8 January 2015

...and rising up!

And upwards the pipe doth riseth up,
upwards towards the sky.
However, to get to the sky,
the roof has to be punctured.
Which means a hole has to be put in the roof,
which is quite a scary thought because once upon a time we did not have a roof at all,
but loads of fresh air and a full view of the sky,
and then builder men came and filled in the roof,
the fresh air remaining via loads of drafty holes hither and thither in the walls,
but the sky became outside,
which is not a bad thing,
because of the rain which comes along with the sporting clouds,
which does make things wet.
So, for us, putting a hole in the roof means going back to as it was,
in the before time,
when roof there was none,
silly, I know, but we have a fear of being made roofless again.
Not to worry though,
Jim is in charge!
So the hole is done.
...and Lester clambering up to see what Jim was doing to the roof,
and me doing a worry because that roof looked awfully high....
...and then all became done,
and the pipe is now finished,
and all that needs to be done is the sealing of the piles
so that smoke does not waft its way into the kitchen through the gaps.
I can't believe that the Rayburn is finally in.
And now it is on to getting the plumbing sorted out,
and the pump put in!
And joy of joys,
our Christmas Tree has been found.
Up in the upstairs of the house it was,
(in the box in the lower left hand corner of photo),
must have been there for a year or so,
and me thinking that it was gone forever,
and then finding it,
and so it will be put up for Christmas next year,
that I have promised it!
And some of the rest of the upstairs.
We have a long way to go!
Not to worry,
we may, or may not, run out of money,
so maybe it will never get done.
Hey ho, but we have downstairs and that will be sufficient for us,
plus we have a smallholding outside,
so, all in all, we have enough.