Saturday, 2 March 2019

Thank you

First of all I want to say thank you to all of my blogging world friends who took the time to watch the first vlog and leave such encouraging comments.

So what I have been doing is  making a new blog page for the vlogs, which are now called The Psychic Craftswoman. Snippets can carry on as usual, which is as a written blog because I think that perhaps not everyone will want to watch a video, but would rather keep in touch with us via the written word. The two blogs are linked, so it is easy to move between them, if you want to.

Anyway, it has taken me a lot of courage to keep going with the vlogs, but I now know what I need to do and the format that I need to follow. I have a long way to go though, but it is excellent stimulation for my mind and stops it from getting tired and old. Well that's not true! I do still get tired but it is more a happy tiredness rather than a miserable tiredness! And I find it personally amazing that I am entering the world of vlogging which is mostly a young person's world, while I am sitting very firmly in the over 70's age group. But we shall not think of age, rather think of living in a life well travelled, but not necessarily in terms of air miles, or being grandly wealthy, but in terms of accumulated achievements and a broadness of self worth and wisdom.

Meanwhile,........... I have had a couple of screws screwed into my jaw in preparation for a couple of synthetic teeth to be screwed on to them in three months time. I can't say that it was the most pleasurable experience I have had, especially because my face was completely covered over by a sterilized cover except for where my mouth was, so I couldn't see anything and could only hear the sound of the work going the drilling, the sound and feel of the screws going in, etc. Not to worry, I came through it alright, although my jaw feels not quite in its usual self, which must be as a result of the manipulations of it by the dentist.

The weather is now more in sync with what it normally is for this time of year, although it is still warm. There is a feeling, however, that winter is not quite finished with us yet. Sprinkles of blossom are appearing on some of the trees, which means that spring is urging its way forward, albeit a little on the early side. I want to hold the onset of spring back. For once it begins it will not seem very long before we are again looking towards the festive season again.

The lambs are growing fast, and most are now eating grass, but they still have time to have lamb gang gallops and plays, where they charge around the field in a mad gallop. It is a joy to watch.

The chicks are growing, and Nearly Dead has new legs and feet, or so it seems. After having been born with a crooked leg so she couldn't walk properly, she can now charge around with the rest of the chicks. Somehow she seems to have become magicked up with proper legs.

Here is the link to the latest vlog, where I chat about the ongoing saga of getting my partner's jacket made, husband or partner chat, the chicks and Nearly Dead, me and my nearly deads, the need to float and not sink, and introducing the Green Jumper Knitting Project, amongst other things.

The link to The Psychic Craftswoman blog page is on the top right hand side bar.

Hope you enjoyed,
Bye for now,

Sunday, 24 February 2019

The silence that has been between then and now.....

The silence that has been between then and now....
Has something untoward fallen upon us here?
Have dire circumstances laid seige to us?

No, just sun filled days which have seduced me into being outside, that's all.
Which means less time spent indoors, 
doing things like housework,  podcasty things, Lester's jacket......and so on. 

Of seventeen eggs which went in the incubator, twelve hatched, of which at least nine are cockerels. 
Of the two late arrivals, one died almost immediately but the other one nearly died but didn't, and then nearly did but then didn't again. thereby encouraging us to name that little one Nearly Dead. 
Nearly Dead is the one with the arrow pointing at him/her, although I think it a 'she' because her wing feathers are not long. 
Despite having a damaged leg, being frequently trodden on and barged into, Nearly Dead has managed to survive. Her spirit is strong. She has fought to keep in life. So I hope she is a she. Most of the males will be going into the pot later on. I think we would find it difficult to cook him if she was a him.

There are four newly hatched chicks cuddled up in a pile of sheep fleece. Can you spot them?

The lambs are here, eight in total, and are now at the stage of running round in a gang, causing mischief when they can. We anticipate escapees soon. If there is the slightest gap in the fence wire they will go through it. It is  the way of lambs. The need to discover the world is very strong within them. 

Lester's Jacket Project remains in slow down. Blame the sunny weather for that. And the fact that the project belongs to the Podcast News. 

Hope all is well in your part of the world,
bye for now,


Saturday, 9 February 2019

So it's done!

With boldness I share with you my first vlog. 
Much improvement needs to be made, but first steps, that is what this video reflects.

The video is unscripted, because that is what it had to be. To have scripted it would have made it too wooden in texture. I was nervous enough as it was, so it was better to have wandered my way through the video rather than followed a proper trail!

Bye for now