Saturday, 23 November 2013

Splashing about (again)

And the Muscovy boys studying the geese...

...ooopps, sorry, wrong photo (taken January 2013)

..... here are the geese, splashing away merrily,
(taken November 2013).
We don't normally have lakes.
We have had quite a few this year.

And one of the Muscovy boys having a paddle,

..... shepherded by Boolie, 

And I said to the Muscovy Boys,
"You are supposed to swim,
you have webbed feet,
you are ducks"

But they didn't listen,
and soon trundled back to the Tall Barn,
to find a patch of hay,
to have a sleep.

And the Adour, 
busy doing its job
of getting water away from the land.

I would not want to live anywhere else.


John Gray said...

That last comment is a lovely one

rusty duck said...

Oh no. Was hoping that the removal of the river beach would have done it..

Kev Alviti said...

Looks wet! My wife said I'm not aloud geese so I was thinking that muscovardo ducks would be the next best thing? Do they taste good and is there much meat on them?

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

At our city house, we occasionally have wild ducks in our garden which waddle to the back door demanding food at breakfast time.
I dream of establishing a garden at "My French Folly" with a small pond and perhaps the odd duck or 2, but until I we make the house weather-proof, it will remain just a dream.
Warm regards from north-east France (& Australia).

Horst in Edmonton said...

Oh my lots of water again. Hope it goes away soon. Vera, I hope you stay dry and keep warm.

Vera said...

John, bless you!

Jessica, we hoped that the removal of the river beach would have sorted out the water as well!

Kev, ah, the Muscovy ducks. They were donated to us so we could put them in the freezer, but we have not had time. Meanwhile, they seem to have got themselves established as part of the general flock. As for geese, ours are great, non aggressive, and charming! We haven't eaten any of them either yet!

Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by, and just off to visit with you!

Horst, at least we don't have any snow! Hope you are also staying tucked up and warm.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Wish we had your water problem rather than ours at the moment. The fosse is giving problems despite being new when we moved in. The drainage apparently was not put in properly despite a municipal certificate!! Also a few roots could now be causing a problem. The quote to fix it is horrendous and the whole garden will be dug up!!
I will though for all that agree with your last comment :)
Have a good day, Diane

Vera said...

Diane, oh I am so sorry about your fosse problems, especially since it was a new one. And your lovely garden... what a shame. But I am glad that you are of the same thinking,that you are happy with where you are living. x