Sunday, 22 February 2009

Shadows and trees

In my hand you can see a tree, an apricot. I am holding it in the hole so Lester can fill up the hole with a mix of soil and donkey manure, which can be a tedious occupation for one such as I who likes to be always doing something, but not for Lester who is doing the activity. So, in my pocket I put my camera and while I do non-activity activities I have a play. I am in two minds about the outcome on this occasion. Either you can take it as evidence of our tree planting activities - after all there is the shovel and spade on the soil as well. OR you can say it looks like some hellish, dark, and not-quite-right activity I am dabbling in! The tree does look like a trident, doesn't it!

Ah so what am I up to here? Irritating Lester
actually. I kept telling him to stop and let me do a shadow-photo of us two, but he refused to play! He has a spade in his hand, by the way: He is digging a hole. I am behind him trying to organise him into posing.

And here is the evidence that he is doing the digging and I'm not!

And Boolie getting in the way during the photo-shoot! Fleur has been grounded for being a demon on four legs with Claudine of the Chambre d'Hote's live-stock. Apparently she availed herself of a duck recently. Without a playmate to amuse himself with, he keeps finding bits of wood to drop on my boots so I can play 'fetch' with him. Bless.

And here is Bruno and Jade come along for a visit. Fleur lives at their house. Its on the left behind him. Claudine and Daniel live in the house behind him to the right. We live in the house on the right! By they way, the lines you see in the air are the phone and electricity cables: I still find it a marvel that our electricity swings through the air rather than coming into the house by magic like it does in the UK where one just switches on a switch and voila! Here, if the poles are upright you get electricity, if they have fallen over, you don't!

The evidence that we did plant trees today! Nine. 2 Peach, 2 Pears, 2 Plums, and 3 others which Lester can't remember at the moment because he is busy playing chess on his PC!

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