Sunday, 22 February 2009

An owl flew today

From out of the tall barn it came. Dusk was settling on the land. I was making a last minute effort to plant a clump of grass I had 'borrowed' from our woods. It was a nice clump. "If you're going to plant weeds" Lester had said "that's as good a clump of weeds as any!" He is at a loss as to know why I plant things which are supposedly 'weeds'. But I like the shape and form of things and will plant a 'weed'. And, anyway, weeds are only plants which are not growing in the right place. So I was turning my clump of 'weedy' grass into an 'arrangement' beneath the oak tree out front.

Coming from direct left the owl came. A brown coloured owl. Quite small. Out onto the back field it flew, then landed. The up again, turning to the right and going out of sight.

A few years ago I had to do something which was hard for me. It involved the sending of a letter and a postbox. In front of several postboxes I had argued that this letter should not be sent. So I was route-marching myself, arguing all the way about why it would not be a good idea to send this letter. And then I came to a tiny hedgerow-postbox....a little red thing it was, almost hidden
from view. And a voice in my ear said "Send it", and so my hand shot forward and the letter became posted.

And my heart hung heavy within me, for it was quite a thing for me to send that letter, and I leaned on the gate of a field and looked at the landscape ahead. It was getting dark. Time to be on my way home. Then over my shoulder, straight and true, flew a large white owl. At the same time, a voice in my head said "It will be alright", and I knew that it would be. My life didn't turn out as I expected it too: it turned out better. And every time something big and surprising is about to happen, I have seen an owl. And I have come to understand that the owl is not an omen of bad things to come, but of good things if I can have the courage to take up what is on its way.

An owl flew today: it disappeared from view and I thought it gone. But it had flown round my wounded house, and came back again from behind me, passing at head height and almost within touching distance, and as it flew past it turned its head and looked at me. And now I look forward to whatever is on its way. I know something is on its way, because an owl flew tonight.

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