Friday, 6 February 2009

Builders Perks

The cheek of it. There they were, standing infront of a blazing fire, warming themselves up,
I must just tell you..... went across to take a photo of our roofers, and there they were, standing in my 'kitchen' having made a fire to keep themselves warm. Wow. This is the first piece of heat Labartere would have felt for many a year. And the roofers had a rosy glow as well. They asked for a grill, cooked themselved up a BBQ for lunch, complete with wine drunk from mugs which had previously introduced them to English tea -without doubt they would have preferred the vino! For ourselves, it was omelette and coffee which seemed tame by comparison. Wafts of the cooking meat kept drifting into the caravan. The omelette definitely seemed second best.

So my kitchen has been cooked in. But not by me. Ah well....maybe sometime this year I might get to use the gas cooker donated by Val in my kitchen which by then might be roofed. That is, unless the roofers haven't burnt the house down first. The fire did get to quite an alarming size during the meat-cook. But I mustn't get grouchy, after all I have upgraded to two caravan gas cookers, a proper gas cooker, one gas caravan fridge, one electric caravan fridge and three porta-potties. Oh and a shower for when it doesn't rain and isn't too cold.

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