Thursday, 12 February 2009

There's a roofer in our courtyard!

Actually, no, there's not! But we keep our spirits up by vizualizing them being here soon. We riseth late this morning. Our commute to the kitchen caravan being at 09.30. Then Lester dons his wellies for the commute to the office / computer room. I don wellies for laundry duties. Mmmm "Oh Lester...." I call, "there seems to be some water out on the fields". And my comment yesterday about possibly floating away down the Adour is a closer reality today as the rainwater of the last two days starts recycling itself by heading off towards the Atlantic, some of it via our fields.

Sara at the House of the Camels, is flooded but in good spirits. House OK. We are OK. God bless wellies and a sense of humour.

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