Tuesday, 17 February 2009

ISBN's, Roof string, and moos doings

Big steps forward today: The end gable of our house is now no longer a space of empty air, but has a pole and a string artfully arranged to suggest the apex of the gable. Now all that needs to happen is for the bricks to be put into the apex shape, rather like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together from the bottom up. I have even introduced our Frenchmen workers to English tea, my "voulez-vous un tasse de thé Anglais" being met with grins and smiles and general bon homie. They work different to the English: quieter, more 'artisan'. It feels right, them being here. It is a French house after all.

AND we have decided to push forward with setting up our own publishing company: Labartere Publishing. After yards and yards of thinking, and being oh so often tempted to send the first book off to a publishers so they can sort it out - sort of handing the responsibility of the work over to them, I have decided to stay responsible for the content and keep control of it by setting up a publishing company. So ISBN numbers to be bought first - just over £100 for a block of ten. That should keep me busy for while: writing ten books so I can use up those numbers! But it feels right to go that way, although more complicated and harder work.

However: Lester caught sight of, with horror, the mouse scampering out and about in the awning. I keep hoping that one of the feral cats will recyle it. He is hotly in favour of other methods. This is an openly debated subject in the Coe household at the moment. But it would seem that we took a couple of good steps forward today: the laying down of the shape of our gable and the laying down of the publishing company.

And hopefully the mouse will leave soon.

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