Monday, 9 February 2009

There's a bone in my wall

There was once a hut. Inside the hut pigs did snort and chickens did roost above their heads clambering up to their roosts via a conveniently placed chicken ladder. The evidence of this could quite clearly be seen by the chicken poo sticking to the beams and walls, the bits of straw sticking out of the crevasses in said wall, and also in the several inches thick 'bedding' on the floor, plus a couple of dehydrated chicken carcasses and one dehydrated chicken head. These last found in the 'bedding'. There was also a very dried up rat in one of the holes in the wall - can't make any comment about that!

And then we arrived. By then the hut was festooned with copious amounts of spiders webs which were home to huge black spiders. It was a hell-hole. To be left alone and forgotten about, being my way of thinking. Not so, said Lester. Lets make it into an office. 'Twas one of those occasions when my heart sank into my boots. I thought it would be a megga task, and it was.

And as I survey our handiwork, and let my eyes rove over the landscape of the up and down stone wall, the previous inhabitants are not forgotten. There are still little hidey-holes in the wall which never quite got filled up, and from out of these little spaces are coming gnats. Sleepy for the moment. But soon, yes soon, they will be getting hungry and wanting to have a feast. "Not on me you won't", I said to one just a minute ago as I swatted it. I await with some trepidation the spiders.

And then there is the bone in the wall. It is just above my PC. It is an inch long. And sticks out. I wonder why I didn't notice it as I worked on the wall. It's quite obvious now. I think the bone is from a chicken's leg. I regard it as an 'in memorium' epitaph to those who have gone before. As I write away on my PC I feel a friendliness for that little creature whose presence on Earth cannot be forgotten all the while I sit here at my PC, and it's bit of a leg sits there in the wall. As for the holes in which other beings may be lurking: I am minus any friendliness for anything which might bite me, or crawl up me, or make me jump. But for my little bit of a chicken: bless you!

PS. We have got a bit of a sun tan. Lester had a shower in 'Ron's shower'. Crocuses are in bloom out the front. I did a bit of a dig. Took Claudine of the Chambre d'hote for a tour of notre maison. Bruno came over for conflab with Lester about the 'project'. I walked into Prechac along the banks of the Adour to the post office. Back along the road, 'borrowing' the seeds from a plant along the way. More rocks to hold tarps down: warned of another big wind tonight. Investigated bee hives. Investigated where to get them on Internet. Got a headache - all info in French! Moon huge. Almost daylight outside. Spooky sky. Could imagine the Ride of the Valkyries charging through it. Roofers somewhere else today, not here.

...................and what's that! Another blasted gnat waking up and buzzing me! So off swotting I go!

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