Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It was a heavenly day.

It was a heavenly day today. For once we were tidy. The caravans were polished and vacuumed, bed made, washing up done, awning not too bad, PC room OK, courtyard devoid of any detritus left over from the tempest ten days ago, including miles of tarpaulins and our stuff underneath them. The sky was magnificent, the sun warm, the Pyrenees were twinkling in the distance. 'Twas a peaceful day. I felt organised. 'I'm going to take it easy for a couple of days, perhaps do some hobby-stuff, do a bit of pampering,' I thought to myself.
"You can't do that" the Universe said, "that's wasting time."

It is Wednesday today. And yes, the roofers turn up. With a huge CAT machine which rolls heavily over our once-upon-a-time front lawn, and deliver into the tidy courtyard piles and piles of bricks, sand, wood, and general buildery things. Upon instructions from Roofer Man, everything has to come out of the half-barn, and so another pile of stuff is dumped into the courtyard including the tattered and torn tarpaulins. The percentage of grass to mud is now vastly diminished, but the bright blue skies overhead give a cheerfulness to the picture and makes the green tarps all shiney and bright giving the false impression that there is more green around than what there is actually is. But at least the roofers are here.

I survey the chaos, and the Universe smiles at me. "Ah ha!" it seems to be saying, "You can't waste time sitting around, you've got work to do!"
"Yes" I reply, "but when am I going to get to do something other than mess about with boxes and tarpaulins?" There is no answer to that, so I take myself off for a walk, for once minus Fleur. She set up two large roe deer the other day who were sheltering in our woods. I would have preferred that they stay there. She thought otherwise. She is the chief mischief-maker of the neighbourhood. Today she was elsewhere. It was therefore a quiet and gentle walk.

Val's sheep has had two babies, the fig tree is sprouting the fruit which we will be harvesting in late summer, the chicken project has had to be shelved yet again because there is no room in the courtyard now the roofers are sharing our residence, the floor of caravan number one is still pot-holey but not so much so - a few more bricks should sort that out, Bruno has invited us to a party on Saturday and is involving Lester in a 'project' which may or may not be a good thing, we decided not to join the two caravans together under one tarp after a gust of wind lifted the tarp up into the air like a balloon - have made a joint decision that it is better to get a little wet when commuting between the various living spaces rather than keep battling with tarps preferring to behave like kites. Our only escapee so far was one which went AWOL during the tempest, the rest we have managed to tame - for the moment.

But over all, it was a heavenly day. Repeating that to myself as I toddle off to bed via the kitchen caravan for a snack, and then off to the bedroom caravan for a sleep, I bid you goodbye for now. And may the sun shine brightly on your corner of the world.

And our roof has been started. Yippeeeeee!

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