Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Update for Lester

Hiya HG, just doing a quick signing in: Johnathen here yesterday with electrician. Took the decision to get three trunk cables from the kitchen door in the halfbarn to go directly across to the wall opposite rather than leaving space round the edge of the wall for the electrics. J spoke to Dani. Concrete pour probably Thursday or Friday depending on whether or not the ground is dry enough. They were going to do it before, but ground too wet for lorry. J said the cable needs to be put in before pour otherwise concrete will have to be chipped away later on, which will be more expensive than laying one across now. Three cables. One for lights, two to carry the plugs. One cable can carry 8 plugs, which would be enough if the barn was to be a recreation area but since it is likely to carry the office later on, and considering the amount of plug boards we have all over the place, I thought it more sensible to have an extra cable put it. J took measurements of roof so he can sort out a quote for the insulation. Told him we were taking one step at a time, but it didn't seem to register in his head! He is still very keen on plasterboarding over the side wall as well. Bless. Anyway, good to see him, and know that Dani is on the case with the cement pour for the floor.

Thinning corn today. Will take some over to Bruno. Planting yog pot plants. All plants looking good. Sara pulled up some of her potatoes, said they were tasty. All her lettuce donated by Bruno eaten by slugs. Our pots OK. Haven't needed to water because it has been raining. Yippee! Saved the trudge to and fro the water tap. Peach tree now died. Other still just about holding its own. I think it is trying to decide whether or not to carry on.

Did a raid on your seed box, as you said I could. Put everything back as I found it, including all the 'don't touch these seeds'. Have got some collards, swiss chard, eggplant, and cabbage. Will put those in today while ground wet.

Otherwise, Bools is looking cheesed off. Not getting any titbits, that's his trouble. Hope London is not too grim. See you soon. x

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