Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Lunch at Sara's

OK, Bools" I said sharply to my spaniel. "Walkies it is." I had planned to spend the day writing, gardening, and sorting out my camera equipment in readiness to start taking photos of products which are going into a shop on my web site. First, gardening out front, so boots on. Wrong choice of plan. Boots on means 'out for a walk' to Bools, which was not in my plan for today. Yesterday it was. Probably tomorrow it will be. But not today. Lots to do. Needing to get a move on, I begrudgingly said to him, "But I'm not going to be out for long".

Oh what folly to say those fatal words. Four hours later and we made our return. Waylaid by Sara as she walked her two horses down the lane, "Come in for lunch" she said, "Don't mind about Boolie. I'll put my dog in the shed". How could I refuse such an offer? So I didn't.

"So I sang to the camels, watched the baby potbelly pig romp around the camels before having a splash in the stream and chase a bald-necked chicken which suddenly developed a limp as if to say 'don't hassle me, I'm sick', was regaled with tales of the lady potbelly pig who was in urgent need of being seen to but meanwhile was desperately trying to get serviced by everything and everyone in sight including Sara's buckets, the donkey, and my foot, said we couldn't have the two baby goats which had got dumped at her front gate recently because we didn't have any fencing, rescued the cat which had been put in a boat (a cardboard box) for to go a-sailing down the stream by her young son, sat under the mulberry tree and drank in fresh air laced with all manner of animal perfumes, clucked goo-ily at the young yellow and brown goslings, smiled at the lamb punching away at the teet attached to a the big plastic bottle containing its milk and will feel everlastingly in sympathy with a mother sheep having to feed her lamb - they really do pack a hell of a punch when they head-butt a milk container whether it be bottled or uddered. And was fed myself. Homemade quiche made with duck eggs.

Lunch at Sara's. An experience. And reminds me that living a life is better than anything else in the world.

Things I learnt today: that one can start off with a plan for the day and be quite surprised at how bendable that plan can become when one goes walking down the lane, that duck egg quiche is delicious, and that singing to the camels is a must-do occupation if one is going to be serious about living life!

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