Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Holay: Le petit toit est fini!

And nous avons en autre probleme: Assuming that the bed isn't rotten, will it fit into the end of the half barn. And do we put plaster board on the walls or do we start the long process of filling in the walls the same as we did in the office. Shouldn't be too long a job, as nowhere near as many holes and up-and-down bits, and no spiders to cope with, plus no bones stuck in the walls, or the likelihood of discovering something squashed. And, presuming our leather settees are still unrotted, how am I going to arrange this, or like that. And then there is the dining room table. Is there going to be room for it, if so, should it go lengthways or sideways. By the door (when there is a door) or in the middle of the space.

And so we have apparently gravitated to the next stage of our life here, which is how are going to make the halfbarn our home. Today we switched track: from being caravaners, to being nearly-home-owners. The switch was tangible.

And the roof on the half barn looks great, very elegant, very natural, and very discrete. One of the things we are careful of, is being too showy. We don't want to come across as being 'rich English', which we aren't, but might be thought of as being to our French neighours, one of whom, bless her, brought round loads of plants to put in the front garden. She waves every time she passes. Everyone does. It makes us feel part of the community.

And so the half barn roof is done. Now a few days off from the roofers,- next week now before we see them again. It will give us a break to catch up with ourselves. Of late, not a day goes past without there being a question to find an answer to. Not easy when the question is spoken in French and we don't have the foggiest idea of what is being asked. The simple thing of the floor in the half barn, and the possible opening for a wood burning fire have caused no end of problems.

And the complete hole in the wall. Down it has all come. Lester thinks we should knock the other wall down as well. It will not be done. As in the way of the Suffragete (sorry about the spelling, no time to hunt down the right one) movement, I will personally use any means I can to stop any would-be demolition man from doing so. It is not a good idea to think about putting a super-duper greenhouse there. It is my indoor winter garden area, providing funds come in to put that roof back on again. On this argument I will win the day. Am going to have a look on the Internet (You-Tube is good for this) to see how I can tie myself to the wall, as in the manner of a trainee Suffragete.

I am even hoping that in time I can have a tall church-like window put in the wall. Of course, the wall will have to be rebuilt first. At the moment it is a 'fresh-air' wall.

No donkey today. Sun was shining. Under instructions from the Universe, I edited five chapters of The Psychic Toolbox today, and did a grammar-check on it. 'No writing tomorrow', I have been told, but then it is to shipped over the Internet to Lulu for a Pdf conversion. Then downloaded back to me for a complete read-through, and probable re-write of chunks of it. Oh the joys of writing!

So swinging my finger over to the Internet button so I can research the Suffragette movement and see if I can pick up any hints or tips of a preventative nature, I wish you au revoir pour ce momente.

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